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10 Mar 2012

Giovanni designed an Alcohol breathalyser [machine translation] using only an 8 pin PIC12F683 microcontroller, the MQ-3 alcohol gas sensor, and a 30 bar-graph breakout.

PIC12F683 alcohol breathalyser based on MQ-3 sensor – [Link]

5 Feb 2011

This is a simple breath analyzer based on a gas sensor (MQ-3 from Sparkfun) that is highly sensitive to alcohol. The author demonstrates how to interface the gas sensor to Arduino to sense the content of alcohol in your breath. [via]

Arduino based breath analyzer – [Link]

19 Dec 2010

This project is an Arduino based alcohol breath tester using MQ3 alcohol sensor and some LEDs and resistors. [via]

Arduino alcohol breath tester – [Link]

15 Sep 2010

This is a smoke/gas detection circuit. The sensor is the GH-312 sensor and it is used to detect : smoke、liquefied gas、butane and propane、Methane、alcohol、hydrogen、etc. Also has a 16F84A microcontroller and a 8X2 LCD.   The circuit is powered by a 9V battery but, since it’s used a 7805 regulator, a 12V battery can also be used. Attached is a picture of the circuit initializing. The LCD displays the circuit name “Gas Detector” and it’s version.   After initialization the circuit will enter a normal state where it detects no gas. The display shows “Sensing No Gas”.

PIC16F84A Gas Detector using GH-312 sensor – [Link]





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