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16 Mar 2011

kayakdiver writes:

This Instructable will fully detail how to construct a u-contoller based SIP&PUFF switch with the minimum and least expensive hardware I know of. I’ll present complete purchasing info and detail how to fabricate a few parts you may wish to make yourself.

Arduino Controlled SIP & PUFF Switch – [Link]

16 Mar 2011

jeremyblum.com writes: [via]

Interrupts – An extremely useful, yet often feared element of microprocessors. Interrupts allow you run a program, while still being able to react to asynchronous input from the outside world. On many platforms then can be confusing to implement, but the arduino makes it easy!

Tutorial 10 for Arduino: Interrupts + Debouncing – [Link]


16 Mar 2011

maxbot writes:

This website shows how to build your own cheap thermographic camera. With it you can analyse your house, electrical devices, etc. and identify for example thermal lacks. This instruction requires a basic knowledge in electronics like soldering easy components and cutting/skinning wires.

Arduino Thermo-cam – [Link]

16 Mar 2011

[Chris Hulbert] is making it easy for Arduino users to program MSP430 chips with a header file that allows you to compile Arduino sketches for the Launchpad. [via]

Header file brings Arduino sketches to the TI Launchpad – [Link]

15 Mar 2011

carlitoscontraptions.com writes:

For the second Carlitos’ Project, I wanted to do something a bit more “useful” than pretty lights. So I decided that a speech controlled Arduino robot should be interesting enough as a project.

For this project, I used the DFRobotShop Rover (a mobile Arduino kit), the VRbot speech recognition module by Veear, two XBee modules, an Arduino Uno, two XBee shields and some other components. see the video below to learn how to do your own.

Speech-Controlled Arduino Robot – [Link]

15 Mar 2011

openrov.com writes:

ROV1 is a shoebox-sized ROV designed to operate in an unexplored underwater cave in the mountains of Northern California. It is built using laser cut acrylic parts and communicates to the surface through an extended USB connection that sends data to and from its onboard HD Webcam and Arduino microcontroller.

OpenROV – underwater exploration – [Link]

14 Mar 2011

Big Dripper from Giles Hall on Vimeo.

Giles Hall writes:

Big Dripper is a robotic sculpture created by Giles Hall in 2011. It is a concept based on Harold Edgerton’s Piddler. Edgerton’s Piddler, also known as a “Time Fountain”, uses a stroboscopic light source to highlight individual drops of water in a constant stream of liquid. With the strobe off, the stream looks like a solid cylinder of falling water. With the strobe on, and correctly synchronized with the actuation of the pump, the individual drips of water that compose the stream are exposed.

Water droplet sculpture using LEDs and Arduino – [Link]

13 Mar 2011

1324itouch writes:

Hello everybody!!!
I have been messing around with a few components and my arduino. I figured out this project last week and just had to share it with all of you. What it is, is a laser beam hitting a photo cell. The arduino reads the photo cell and when it detects the voltage level is below a certain amount, the beam must be broken while sounding an alarm. The alarm stays on until you punch in the code you have set up to the keypad in. Once the correct code is typed in, the arduino turns of the buzzer and gives you 15 seconds ( or what ever you set the delay time to) to reset the laser beam. You are able to change the code if you like. The steps are very easy to follow and i hope everyone makes one!!!

Arduino laser detector with keypad – [Link]

11 Mar 2011

This project (from Teague Labs) was intended to study the usage of water for various purposes and how this information could affect behaviors of persons using water when displayed on real time. The water meter sensor used in this project is INS-FM17N from Koolance. The sensor is directly interfaced to an Arduino that acquires and send data to a web server to make it available online. [via]

Arduino based water usage meter - [Link]


11 Mar 2011

MAKE is holding a drawing for a Getting Started with Arduino Kit. To be eligible for this drawing, all you have to do is tell them why you want to learn Arduino and maybe what projects you might like to do with it. Eligible entries will end at 11:59 PST, Tuesday March 15th, 2011. Good luck! [via]

Getting Started with Arduino Kit Giveaway – [Link]





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