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13 Feb 2015


by electronichamsters @ instructables.com:

A few years ago, I became a dog owner for the first time. I didn’t like leaving Cody in the kennel alone all day. I had a webcam on him, but I couldn’t watch it all day long. What if he was in some kind of distress? What if there was a emergency at the house, like a fire?

I wanted some way of getting an immediate email notification when he barks, or when something bad happens. So reading lead to tinkering, and tinkering eventually lead to making this full blown home automation system based on open source hardware (Arduino) and open source software (OpenHAB). I know I know, yet another “Arduino Home Automation” project, right? But I promise I’m not going to turn on a light from a smart phone. I’m more focused on extensive networked sensors, timely alerts, and aesthetically appealing presentation of events.

Uber Home Automation w/ Arduino & Pi - [Link]

1 Aug 2014


Timofte Andrei wrote this instructable detailing the build of his Arduino home automation system:

For this project I’ve used:
1. An Arduino clone
3. Relay module
4. 2×16 LCD Display
5. DS18B20 temperature sensor
6. Push button
7. Some Dupont wires
8. A led module (this is optional, if you have a chinese relay module with built in LEDs)
9. Some nuts and bolts to mount everything in place
10. A wooden chopping board or other kind of wooden board for propper display of the components


Arduino GSM home automation system - [Link]

5 Jul 2014

by superhouse.tv

Control physical devices using an Arduino based home automation controller that connects to your network and lets you switch things on and off using a web browser. This episode shows the construction sequence of a controller that combines an Arduino-compatible board, Power-over-Ethernet, and relay driver shields to create a self-contained controller that can serve up its own web interface so you can click buttons in your browser to turn devices on and off.

Building an Arduino home automation controller - [Link]

6 Mar 2013


new projects on Open-electronics.org:

Connected to a burglar alarm or fire alarm in the event of making phone calls playing voice messages. Controlled via DTMF actuators can operate on the spot.

In recent years we have introduced several telecontrols based on the SIM900 GSM module. We released schematics and code for a gate opener (that activates when receiveing a call from a given number), a GSM thermostat to manage the temperature of remote houses with simple text messages, a remote alarm control with DTMF and, last but not least, a remote alarm with I/O and controlled via calls or SMS.

Many of these tools send text messages or place phone calls in response to changes to the electrical inputs. In some cases, especially when the receiver is a human, nothing is like a voice that clearly yields you screaming “fire in progress!”, or”thieves in the house!” etc.

GSM Voice Dialer with Automation Control - [Link]

14 Mar 2012

Johan von Konow writes:

This post is the last of three and describes the software needed to build a web controlled home automation center. The previous two describes how to add a serial interface to a router and how to build a microprocessor lab board.


  • Software for the router (OpenWrt)
  • Software for the web server (html and CGI)
  • Software for the lab board (PIC16F628 assembler)
  • Protocol for serial communication between router and lab board
  • Protocol for 433MHz radio (and html generation tools)

Web controlled home automation - [Link]

23 Sep 2011

The SmartPulse™ family of DECT-based wireless sensors and base station devices from Dialog Semiconductor facilitate the creation of wireless sensor networks for home automation, security, health care and energy monitoring applications. DECT is an established technology that provides whole-house coverage, and SmartPulse with DECT ULE builds on this legacy. Its simple star networks can be used for a variety of home automation applications.

Systems running SmartPulse sensors can self-configure with a home’s DECT / DECT ULE hub or internet gateway, allowing connected systems to be managed over the web using a smartphone, laptop or tablet PC. Additionally, the sleep mode of DECT ULE enables a wide range of new wireless consumer products that run for up to 10 years on a single AAA battery pack. [via]

Wireless home automation devices build on DECT technology - [Link]

19 Mar 2011

CustomCTRL is an Arduino-based system that can be developed into a total-home remote control through a smartphone.

CustomCTRL – home automation system - [Link]

1 Sep 2010

The microcontroller used is 0822 zilog encore! 8k series (soic,28pin) as shown on the figure. Is a programmable microcontroller, the functions used are the GPIO and the UART of the chip. GPIO is used on led indicators, and the UART is used for giving and reading AT COMMANDS to control the Bluetooth device.

MCU controlled Bluetooth automation with infrared sensor - [Link]

8 May 2008

This device transforms your PC into a powerful controller that you can use to program and automate machines, circuits, or just about anything you can imagine. Its flexible 29 I/O ports that you can configure to work ( bit by bit or in groups) as inputs or outputs makes it adaptable to a wide array of applications . Control of stepping motor system is unbelievably easy, thanks to its built-in Pulse Generator function. It even has encoder switch input functions, counting inputs, and port capture register. It is Visual Basic friendly, and more! [via]

29 I/O Serial I/O PC Automation - [Link]

7 Feb 2008


This home automator used DMX (the popular theater lighting protocol) to automate all of the lights in his home. [via]

Why automate your lights?
Well, to be honest, most of my house is automated, so it seemed the obvious thing to do.
There are lots of benefits in automating parts of your house, lighting in particular just makes life easier, lights coming on when you walk into a room is better than switching them on yourself! ….and because they turn themselves on, they turn themselves off too, so you can’t forget!

Home lighting automation with DMX - [Link]





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