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21 Jan 2015


by Dave Young @ element14.com:

A ULP (User Language Program) is a feature designed into EAGLE to allow users to generate their own processes to automate tasks that would otherwise be tedious and time consuming. While most users know that this functionality exists, very few want to write their own script. A casual user would have to dump far more time learning the system and designing/testing their code than just completing the task at hand.

EAGLE ULPs Every User Should Know – [Link]

6 May 2014


Design your PCB involving QFN or DQFN packages with this App note from Microchip.

Successful implementation of QFN and DQFN packages requires special consideration for printed circuit board (PCB) layout and solderpaste stencil production. This application note describes the important items to consider.

QFN packages are physically robust, thermally efficient, and occupy much less PCB space than equivalent QFP packages. They generally have superior lead inductance characteristics. They also present some particular design constraints. QFN packages generally have a row (QFN) or two (DQFN) of perimeter pads (“pads”) around a larger central pad (“flag” or “Epad”) encapsulated in a plastic body. These packages are surface-mounted to the target system PCB by a solder reflow process.


App note: PCB Design Guidelines for QFN and DQFN Packages – [Link]

10 Sep 2013

123D Circuits.io 123D – [via]

123D Circuits is a revolutionary free tool for designing your electronic projects online. You can design in a familiar breadboard view and the app will guide you to make professional printed circuit boards with built in layout tools. When you’re done just click to have your boards professionally manufactured and shipped for free worldwide.What’s also cool is how you can easily, simultaneously work on the same circuit with your friends. And at any point you can compile and emulate your Arduino code inside a live, editable circuit!

123D Circuits.io – Design your circuits online – [Link]

27 Jun 2013

Free online design, simulation, parts search tools – [Link]

24 Apr 2013



A new PCB design web application was released this last week called PCBWeb. The website states that PCBWeb is a free browser-based CAD application for designing and manufacturing electronics hardware.  The tool is currently released in BETA and allows you to create a schematic, full circuit board layout, and then export to gerber format for manufacturing. The application is supported on Windows and Mac using Silverlight.

Features include:

Schematic Capture

  • Multi-sheet schematics
  • Custom Ports
  • Digi-Key Part Library (+100K components with symbol and footprints)
  • Cut/Copy/Past and full undo/redo

PCB Layout

  • Multi-layer board
  • Support for all units (mm/inch)
  • copper pour
  • DRC (design rule checking)
  • Gerber Export

Bill of Material Manager

  • View real-time pricing
  • Order Links

PCBWeb – Free Online PCB Design Software – [Link]

3 Sep 2012

Texas Instruments has announced the introduction of the PowerLab Reference Design Library, a collection of power management reference designs. The reference designs include relevant technical documentation, such as circuit schematics, printed circuit board layouts, lists of components and materials, Gerber files, and other design support tools.

The library holds more than 300 power management reference designs for a variety of both isolated and non-isolated power conversion topologies suitable for lighting, telecommunication, computing and consumer electronics applications.

An interactive search tool is available on the website and new designs will be added to the database each month. [via]

Power Management Design Library Opens its Doors – [Link]

14 Mar 2012

PowerEsim.com writes:

PowerEsim- Free on-line switch mode power supply SMPS, circuit and transformer design, calculation, simulation software. More than 100 circuits and topologies are available with real constructed transformer.

It provides a virtual laboratory environment for users to wind and place every single turn of a transformer, and with the help of tens of thousands real modeled component on the market, user can simple pick and place the real component and stuff into the circuit, within a fraction of a second, our server will immediately return the result to the user. It is even faster than modifying prototype in real environment, and more than that is no worry of getting explosion of the prototype on real bench. It is Better than real.

PowerEsim – Free SMPS Switching Power Supply / Transformer Design Software – [Link]

7 Dec 2011

For the first time, hardware can be collaborative in real time! Work on a design with your team, in real time! See what they are editing while you edit! Sign up for free to give it a try! Exclamation mark!

Michael Woodworth writes:

Add your team by username or email to invite them to work with you on your design. It has never been easier to add people to your design!

And while we were at it, we thought that we should give the project pages a face lift! So we called on our design surgeon to give us the great new look that you can see here.

Plus, we’ve added a ton of awesome features that you should know about!

  • Favouriting parts: We are making it easier to find parts that you know and like to use. Search will be taking this into account when you are logged in. I can’t wait to see my favourites skyrocket to top of search!
  • Tutorials: We’ve created a tutorial section to help you navigate the site and use our features.
  • Easier part creation: Introducing mouseless part creation! When editing pins on a part, just press enter to save it and go to the next pin, all the way around the part.
  • Fork with history: Design history is now copied when you fork a design. Try forking one of our featured designs. And while you’re at it, take a look at the project fork list on the project page.
  • Gravatars: We’ve hooked up your profiles to Gravatar. If you didn’t have a Gravatar, you get a little robot!
    Increased tool stability: We’ve been busy making lots of improvements to the schematic capture tool, to increase its stability and help us track down bugs in the future.
  • Netlist and export fixes: Some designs would not export netlists or to our open JSON format, but we’ve been good little beavers and this has been fixed.
  • Now with more exclamation marks!

Upverter.com – Real-Time Collaboration & Shared Designs – [Link]

19 Nov 2011


Now includes an interface to design simulators, enhanced circuit-element grouping capability and design calculators – [via]

RS Components (RS), on November 7 unveiled Version 3 of DesignSpark PCB, the company’s free professional standard PCB design software, used by professional designers, hobbyists and students.

Developed by RS, in conjunction with Number One Systems, the latest version of DesignSpark PCB provides extra functionality and enables the PCB design software to be used with Spice simulation tools from several major manufacturers. In addition to the tool’s new simulation interface, Version 3 includes enhancements such as component and circuit element grouping, and design calculators, which model circuit performance characteristics.

“The success of DesignSpark PCB, the world’s most powerful free PCB design tool, is unparalleled in our industry,” said Mark Cundle, Technical Marketing Manager at RS Components. “The release of the third version of this award-winning software clearly demonstrates the commitment from RS to continually improve this highly successful product. We promise to carry on supporting DesignSpark PCB and continue to make it available free-of-charge to users. We’ve gathered feedback from engineers through our fast-growing DesignSpark community to integrate the new features they’ve requested in Version 3,” added Cundle. “Additionally, the tool is fully functional – with no limitations or locked features – and is well suited to commercial use, which is not always the case with some free tools.”

DesignSpark PCB design software upgraded to version 3 – [Link]

10 Nov 2011

Tinkercad – Design physical things in your browser – [via]

Have your first 3D project ready for printing in minutes. Tinkercad is a new and faster way of creating designs for your 3D printer. With the help of the latest web technology you can now use a solid modeling CAD directly in your browser.

The user interface is designed to get things done fast and to be quick to learn. With only three basic tools you can create a wide range of useful things. Once your project is ready simply download the STL file and start your 3D print.

Tinkercad – Design physical things in your browser – [Link]





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