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7 Jun 2012

Sean Bonner writes:

We wanted to do something special for the Kickstarter community, who helped us get Safecast moving in the first place, and thought that a limited edition version of the geiger counter we designed, at a discounted price, would be a cool way to do that.

So here you go: a Kickstarter exclusive Safecast geiger counter. Limited clear plastic casing (like these pics), numbered edition of however many people pre-order them here. The only way ever to get this clear version is from this Kickstarter campaign. Obviously, this edition is a real working geiger counter, 100% functionally identical to the forthcoming retail release version.

Safecast X Kickstarter Geiger Counter - [Link]

26 Feb 2012

Sergei Bezrukov writes:

The radiometer is based on СБМ-20 Geiger counter tube which is manufactured in Russia and could be found on E-Bay. The counter is in a thin metal hull, so only beta and gamma rays can snick through it. It’s working voltage is in the range 350 – 450 V, the dead time does not exceed 190 μs, and the sensitivity is about 78 pulses per micro-roentgen. Therefore, maximum frequency of pulses provided by the counter is 106 / 190 = 5263 Hz. Respectively, the maximum radiation level one can register with it is 5263 / 78 = 67.47 μR/s, which is about 243 mR/h. The embedded firmware, however, can work up to 1 R/h.

Radiation dosimeter - Geiger counter - [Link]

31 Jul 2008

The counter is sensitive enough to detect background radiation. In addition you can enhance the basic Geiger Counter by adding a Digital Meter Adapter, RS-232 Adapter with free Windows Radiation monitoring program or a Randam Number Generator. The windows 98/XP radiation program is free and available for downloading. [via]

Build Your Own Geiger Counter - [Link]





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