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24 Jul 2011

Shawon Shahryiar (from Bangladesh) describes in this project about the HSM-20G sensor and its interfacing with the Atmega8 for measuring the ambient temperature and relative humidity. HSM-20G is an analog sensor that converts the ambient temperature and relative humidity into standard output voltages which can be measured through the ADC channels of Atmega8. With the use of the calibration curve provided in the datasheet, these analog voltages can be converted back to the temperature and relative humidity.

Atmega8 + HSM-20G to measure the relative humidity and temperature – [Link]

23 Oct 2010

This project is a temperature – related humidity meter using a Nokia 3310 LCD, a HSM-20G sensor and an Arduino board. Check construction details on the link below.

Nokia 3310 LCD and HSM-20G temperature – humidity sensor – [Link]





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