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11 Mar 2011

This project describes an automatic light system for kitchen sink where you need sufficient light to properly clean your dishes and vegetables. It uses an ATTiny84 microcontroller with a PIR motion sensor. When motion is detected, the microcontroller turns on the light. The light source consists of 10 bright white LEDs that are driven by a IRF612 MOSFET. One advantage of using a microcontroller is you can create light fade-in and fade-out effects using PWM. [via]

Automate lights in your kitchen area – [Link]

8 Aug 2008

A simple two stage hybrid headphone amplifier project. The voltage stage uses a vacuum tube which feeds a MOSFET follower output stage. Unlike a lot of vacuum tube projects, this one is low voltage. Both the tube and mosfets use the same 12-13V power supply.

12AU7 / IRF612 MOSFET Hybrid Headphone Amplifier – [Link]





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