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2 Aug 2010

This project shows how to build a mood vase using a battery powered unit. The unit shines different colors using three leds and a PIC12F683 microcontroller. It’s easy to follow the instructions below to build the unit as schematic and source code are included.

Mood vase – [Link]

2 Aug 2010

This project shows how to modify an IKEA Lampan lamp to display RGB colors. It uses RGB LEDs and Atmel ATTiny1313 AVR. With the push of a button you can choose the desired color. You can find design files, schematic, PCB and firmware on the link below.

IKEA Lampan RGB LED Light – [Link]

2 Aug 2010

This project shows how to build a LED temperature monitor. It is able to change color depending on room temperature. It is using an RGB led to display colors, an analog temperature sensor and a frosted glass sphere. The result is a high visible room temperature indicator. [via]

Nursery Room Temperature Monitor - [Link]

1 Aug 2010

The circuit above is able to flash a 1.7V or 2.0V LED using 1.5V DC input battery. It is a charge pump design.

1.5V powered LED flasher – [Link]

30 Jul 2010

Instructables user duesentrieb shows us how to build a multicolor flashlight including infrared and ultraviolet. He used a cheap torch found on ebay and some inexpensive parts.

How to build a multicolor flashlight - [Link]

30 Jul 2010

PICtris project is a tetris game using dot led displays controlled by a PIC microcontroller. PIC18LF4520 is drawing 2D graphics on LED display and four buttons control and rotate the blocks. Find schematics and source code on the link below.

PICtris: Tetris on a PIC MCU - [Link]

29 Jul 2010

In this article learn how to drive LEDs using linear circuits, including transistor constant current circuits.

Linear LED power supplies - [Link]

27 Jul 2010

Simon Inns @ Waiting of Friday builds a cool VU meter using RGB leds. RGB leds are controlled by 3 TLC5940 LED driver chips and PIC18F2550 microcontroller. Source code and schematic is available on the link below. [via]

This project creates a RGB LED VU Meter which is controlled via USB by a Windows 7 or Vista host machine. The demonstration board consists of a 5V regulator (switching), a PIC18F2550 with the required USB components, 3xTLC5940 16 channel serial LED drivers with PWM and 16 high intensity RGB LEDs.

RGB LED VU Meter using TLC5940 LED Driver Chips – [Link]

25 Jul 2010

Michal Zalewski build a mood lamp that changes color in response to backround radiation. This project is based on Make #21 Geiger-Mueller mood lamp using a less difficult to find tube. [via]

A Geiger-Müller mood lamp - [Link]

5 Jul 2010


This instructable shows how to build a USB powered LED lamp that can be switched on and off with a wave of your hand. Also learn how to make curved PCBs. [via]

How-To: Make a touchless switch LED lamp - [Link]





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