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28 Oct 2010

This project describes how to build a PWM driver to control four LEDs from one small Microchip 12F609 board. Following this instructable you get all the information needed to program your own Microchip 12F609 microcontroller, connect some LEDs and have your PC command some LED action.

Open Source Microchip LED / PWM Driver Project – [Link]

28 Oct 2010

This project is a great little LED portable game system based on PIC16F628A. It is equipped with a 4×4 LED matrix, a PIC microcontroller, 9 bipolar transistors, 4 buttons for control and one switch to power on. It is also has a small speaker to generate game sound. It is powered from 4 Ni-MH batteries. Check this instructable on the link below. So far it has only three games programed.

Portable Led Game System – [Link]

27 Oct 2010

The LED series/parallel array wizard is a calculator that will help you design large arrays of LEDs. You specify the source voltage, the led forward voltage, the led current and the number of LED and the calculator computes the schematic and resistor values. Check it out!

LED Wizard calculates resistors and draws schematic - [Link]

27 Oct 2010

This project is a 8 LED chaser based on PIC16F628 and uses simple parts like resistors, leds and a switch. Check schematic and source code on the link below.

8 Led UFO Chaser – [Link]

27 Oct 2010

You may already be familiar with the Larson Scanner kit but this project moves a step further. It is an extendable and expandable version of the open-source Larson Scanner, from Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories. Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories modified it a bit with some custom wiring and new code to allow a person to link multiple units together.

The Expandable Larson Scanner! – [Link]

26 Oct 2010

This article investigate the practical and theoretical fundamentals of electronics. It examines how electrons move and how we measure them; how circuits work and what happens when they fail. You will also learn a bit about LED’s. [via]

The Bright Ideas Behind LED’s – [Link]

24 Oct 2010

This project is a LED matrix display able to display news headlines on scrolling format. The main board features a Microchip PIC18F2525 microcontroller connected to a WIZnet WIZ810MJ Ethernet module, which uses the W5100 to provide an easy-to-use interface to the Internet.

LED News Ticker – [Link]

24 Oct 2010

The RGBSaber project is an open source RGB Luxeon LED driver. The driver allows for PWM modulation of an RGB luxeon LED, allowing the color of the lightsaber blade to be adjusted to nearly any color in the RGB color spectrum. The controller is based on PIC18F2221 and is open source. Check schematic and source code on the link below.

RGBSaber: Luxeon RGB LED Light Saber – [Link]

24 Oct 2010

This project is a LED based flare driven by a single PIC16F627A microcontroller. The C source code and construction details can be found on the site below.

LED Flare project based on PIC16F627A - [Link]

23 Oct 2010

Making LED devices portable can be a little bulky due to the batteries. The Joule Thief solves that, by boosting a single AA battery’s voltage to a high enough level to light a LED. Check it out.

Joule Thief – use LEDs with only one AA battery! - [Link]





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