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10 Oct 2014


praveen @ circuitstoday.com writes:

This article is a about a fully functional water level controller using Arduino. The circuit displays the level of water in the tank and switches the motor ON when the water level goes below a predetermined level. The circuit automatically switches the motor OFF when the tank is full. The water level and other important data are displayed on a 16×2 LCD display. The circuit also monitors the level of water in the sump tank (source tank). If the level in side the sump tank is low, the motor will not be switched ON and this protects the motor from dry running. A beep sound is generated when the level in the sump tank is low or if there is any fault with the sensors.

Water level controller using arduino - [Link]

30 Jul 2014


Water Level Alarm is a simple project to detect and alarm once the water level in tank or Aquarium reaches at certain level. Circuit is based on popular NPN transistor BC547 which act as switch, Sensor also made on PCB, when the water reaches the sensor PCB, base of transistor connected to positive supply, in consequence transistor act as switch and activate the buzzer.

Water Level Alarm - [Link]

31 Oct 2011

This circuit is a digital sound level meter with a LCD screen, capable of displaying 80 characters (4 rows with 20 characters on each). You can build this LCD display. It also provides more debugging information, such as the minimum and maximum analog-to-digital samples that were measured during each period. [via]

Digital Sound Level Meter - [Link]

13 Apr 2011

PeckLauros writes:

This invention is not so new but so I took the liberty of posting my symple version, based on IC 4093. With that, I hope no one more is surprised by the lack of water in the water tank, just as I was.

Water tank’s level visualization – [Link]

14 Dec 2009


This liquid level sensor measures the capacitance of the liquid between two electrodes and gives an indication of liquid level inside a bottle. Capacitance is measured by charging the capacitor and measuring the time needed to discharge via a known resistor. The brain of the sensor is an Arduino board.

VadimS writes:

A capacitive liquid sponsor relies on the fact the the capacitance or charge between 2 metal plates will change (in this case increase) depending on what material is between them. This allows us to create a level sensor that is save for use with any liquid, this one will be used in a buggy with gasoline

Building a Capacitive Liquid Sensor - [Link]

24 Mar 2008


The heart of this project is using PIC16F88 to determine the water level by calculate the relation of water level and the water capacitance.A simple probe can be made using insulated wire. The insulation is then the dielectric of an cylindrical capacitor with the inner conductor as one plate and the water as the other. The probe is not suitable for distilled or very pure water because it is not conductive enough. It works well even in relatively clean water such as roof runoff water in a plastic tank. [via]

Digital water level meter project - [Link]

2 Feb 2008


Water Level Buzzer is a simple kit which will buzz when water reaches the sensor level.

  • Input – 9 VDC @ 40 mA
  • Output ??? Buzzer
  • Terminal pins for supply voltage
  • Power-On LED indicator
  • Four mounting holes of 3.2 mm each
  • PCB dimensions 32 mm x 35 mm

Water level buzzer - [Link]





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