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6 Feb 2014

Yet another dumpster diving LCD monitor repair. This time an LG Flatron monitor with bad caps. Using the Bob Parker ESR Meter

EEVblog #365 – ESR Meter Bad Cap Monitor Repair - [Link]

26 Nov 2013


Here’s a low-cost single phase energy metering solution using Microchip’s MCP3909 metering ADC and PIC18F25K20 8-bit microcontroller. App note can be found here.

The meter was tested for a range of current from 0.1A to 20A using the Fluke 6100A Electrical Power Standard. Measurement results are visible on the LCD or on the Pulse Output. This document is intended to provide guidance for designers who are interested in using Microchip’s MCP3909 Metering ADC with synchronous sampling and PGA on current channel, and the low-cost high performance PIC18F25K20 microcontroller.


Low-Cost Shunt Energy Meter using MCP3909 and PIC18F25K20 - [Link]

16 Sep 2012

Daniel @ panstamp.com writes:

We know many of you were wondering when we’ll release a power meter compatible with panStamp. And here we are, sooner as expected, with a first prototype. We at panStamp are passionate about simplicity so you may guess that either electronics or firmware application have been designed to be as compact and efficient as possible.

panStamp Power meter board - [Link]

20 Aug 2012

The MAX71020 is a single-chip, analog front-end to be used in high-performance revenue meters. It contains the compute engine found in Maxim’s fourth-generation meter SOC and an improved ADC, and interfaces to the host microcontroller of choice over a SPI interface.

MAX71020 Single-Chip Electricity Meter - [Link]

12 Jun 2012

Source code and design files are available..

LCD or LED Volt & Ampere meter using ATtiny26 - [Link] [Google Translation]

27 Mar 2012

Raj from Embedded Lab describes in his latest tutorial the theory of a very basic digital capacitance meter and its implementation using a PIC microcontroller. It is based on the principle of charging a capacitor through a series resistor and determine the time required to charge it to a known voltage. The built-in analog comparator and Timer2 modules are used in this process. The meter can measure capacitance from 1nF to 99.99 uF.

Digital Capacitance Meter using a PIC Microcontroller – [Link]

16 Mar 2012

MeterBasic is a fine program for the hobbyist who wants to generate a simple scale on occasion. MeterBasic is based on a subset of the features found in Meter. It requires no key and has no time or usage limitations. To provide an incentive to upgrade from MeterBasic to Meter, many of the features found in Meter are absent.

MeterBasic – Software for drawing analog panel meter scales - [Link]

23 Nov 2011

circuitvalley.com writes:

This is 60 MHz frequency meter / counter for measuring frequency from 10 Hz to 60 MHz with 10 Hz resolution.It is a very useful bench test equipment for testing and finding out the frequency of various devices with unknown frequency such as oscillators, radio receivers, transmitters, function generators, crystals, etc. The meter provides very stable readings and has excellent input sensitivity thanks to on board amplifier and TTL converter, so it can even measure weak signals from crystal oscillators. With the addition of prescaller it is possible to measure the frequency of 1GHz and above.

60 Mhz Frequency Meter / counter - [Link]

31 Oct 2011

This circuit is a digital sound level meter with a LCD screen, capable of displaying 80 characters (4 rows with 20 characters on each). You can build this LCD display. It also provides more debugging information, such as the minimum and maximum analog-to-digital samples that were measured during each period. [via]

Digital Sound Level Meter - [Link]

29 May 2011

microsyl.com writes:

Here is my new Frequency meter who was done with a LCD’s cellular phone!!! This is a simple project. The Frequency is passing through an op-amp to convert it in a square wave. The ouput of the op-amp is feeding the 3*8 bits counter (24 bits) who can accumulate at a maximum of 16777216 count.

Frequency Meter – [Link]





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