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13 Sep 2011

Laser-cut project box tutorial @ Ponoko Community Hub. Rich writes – [via]

Lately I’ve been learning about laser-cutting my own project boxes for the electronic gear I build. The process took me a little while to get my head around, but now that I know what I’m doing, I’m hooked. The finished product looks great and works great. For about the same price as I would pay for a generic plastic box from an electronics retailer, I can get my own enclosure made with every hole cut out perfectly and all the labelling included.

Laser-cut project box tutorial – [Link]

19 May 2011

Personal Factory App Gateway launches with new consumer app from Autodesk

  • Autodesk launches public beta of Autodesk 123D modeling software with ‘Make it’ services that connect to Personal Factory.
  • Personal Factory users can get an instant price to have their custom goods made locally on demand.
  • 123D first ‘making app’ on Personal Factory App Gateway, set to revolutionize consumer access to the biggest range of customizable goods yet.

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., May 19, 2011Ponoko, Inc. – the virtual manufacturing pioneer –today announced that its Personal Factory platform will support the new free* 3D modeling software, Autodesk 123D, which is now available in public beta.

The partnership between Autodesk and Ponoko allows the companies to meet the growing demand from people who want to design, make or sell their own products. A leader in 3D design, engineering and entertainment software, Autodesk is extending its 3D design software expertise to consumers with Autodesk 123D by allowing creative individuals to explore, design, refine and fabricate their custom product ideas.

Connecting Autodesk 123D to Personal Factory, the world’s most advanced platform for the mass customization of goods, enables anyone to access the manufacturing technologies that they need to get their designs physically made.

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22 Mar 2011

Ponoko is looking for someone to share their passion and knowledge of do-it-yourself electronics with our make-it-yourself audience.

We need someone who can make the idea of working with electronics easy, accessible, and fun.

We also need this person to show people how they can combine electronics with digital fabrication to create super awesome stuff.

We’re looking for someone to contribute to the Ponoko blog once a week. Contributions can be in written and/or video format.

DIY Electronics blogger wanted @Ponoko – [Link]

25 Nov 2010

Ponoko announces a new digital way for custom goods to be designed, made and delivered.  It’s all about Personal Factory 4.

Introducing Personal Factory 4 (now with 3D printing)

  • Ponoko has launched Personal Factory 4, making it even easier to buy, sell and make custom goods online, with or without design skills.
  • The new 3D printing materials are durable plastic, superfine plastic, rainbow ceramic, stainless steel and gold plate.
  • Personal Factory 4 is the world’s only system offering instant online pricing to make your projects using a combination of 2D and 3D digital making technologies and open-source electronics hardware.
  • With no setup fees and no minimum order sizes, you can now make custom electronic gadgets, homeware, fashion and furniture in the comfort of your home – and sell them to the world.

San Francisco, CA – The future of products is here. Ponoko launched Personal Factory 4 today – making it easier than ever to bring product ideas to life from the comfort of the home. Everyone can now make custom goods with a few mouse clicks using 2D and 3D digital making technologies, and a huge catalog of open-source electronics hardware.

“Sophisticated design and manufacturing are no longer reserved for an elite group with big budgets”, says Ponoko CEO David ten Have. “Everyone has had a product idea at some point, and Personal Factory 4 gives them a place to make it real.”

Ponoko announces “Personal Factory 4″ (now with 3D printing) – [Link]

25 Nov 2010

Google and Ponoko have issued a $3,776 challenge – who’s the best at showing the world “How to use Google SketchUp for Ponoko 3D printing ?

If you haven’t discovered Ponoko yet, you’re in for a treat. Ponoko is about turning the stuff you dream up into physical objects that you can hold in your hands. Nothing beats seeing your designs come to life.

Google and Ponoko announce a nice competition and the challenge is to produce a piece of instructional content.

Competition: Google and Ponoko promote 3D printing – [Link]

26 Oct 2010

Using Ponoko.com service you are able to make your own custom lasercut project enclosure for your next electronic project. Some examples of custom enclosures include the SammichSID Synthesizer kit, the Austere Hexahedron custom computer system and the acrylic Arduino case. Check different electronics enclosures on the link below.

Making Enclosures for Electronics with Ponoko – [Link]

7 Dec 2009
Ponoko – the world’s easiest making system – The first online marketplace for everyone to click to make real things. – It’s where creators, digital fabricators, materials suppliers and buyers meet to make (almost) anything. – Over 30,000 user generated products have been made to date. There is also an “electronics category”, check on the link below. 
On the image above you see an “iPhone Document Scanner” made using Ponoko service.
Ponoko – the world’s easiest making system – [Link] 





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