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10 Apr 2014


hpb @ instructable writes:

I was looking for a dual voltage power supply initially to power an old HDD with 12V and 5V. I wanted to build a home server based on the Raspberry Pi. I later realized that I had a newer hard-drive that needed only 5V. By then I had already designed and built this one. This power supply has a typical efficiency of 85%+ under real-world conditions and is based on TI’s TPS54383 DC-DC converter chip which operates at 300 KHz. A 600 KHz version is also available and is a drop-in replacement for TPS54383.

High efficiency Dual Voltage 3A power supply - [Link]

8 Apr 2014


High-performance Easy-to-use Mini Power Modules for Makers. Innovative circuitry enables positive/negative supply in one module.

PNMini is a family of high performance, easy-to-use DC/DC Power Modules for DIY electronics.

PNMini can be used as positive supply or negative supply. If both positive and negative supply rail are needed, just connect two PNMini modules together. No hardware changes are required.

PNMini is available in a small PCB package that enhances thermal performance and allows for hand soldering or plugin use. It provides +3.3V/-3.3V, +5V/-5V, or +12V/-12V output directly to your circuits requiring no external components.

PNMini – Positive/Negative Power Supply Module for Makers - [Link]

5 Apr 2014


This article explains the basic concepts of linear regulators and switching mode power supplies (SMPS). It is aimed at system engineers who may not be very familiar with power supply designs and selection. The basic operating principles of linear regulators and SMPS are explained and the advantages and disadvantages of each solution are discussed. The buck step-down converter is used as an example to further explain the design considerations of a switching regulator. by HENRY ZHANG

Basic concepts of linear regulator and switching mode power supplies - [Part1 & Part2]

22 Mar 2014


Nixie tubes need about ~180Vdc to light up and thus on most devices a DC-DC converter is needed. We designed here a simple DC-DC switching regulator capable of powering most of Nixie tubes.

The module is based on the MAX1771 Step-Up DC-DC Controller. This controller works up to 300kHz switching frequency and that allows the usage of miniature surface mount components. It accepts an input voltage from 2 to 16.5V and the output is factory configured to 12V. In this module the output voltage is configured higher at ~180Vdc using external resistors and a potentiometer.

HV Nixie DC-DC Power Supply - [Link]

19 Mar 2014


Low profile, higher safety and a wide spectrum of power ranges ensures, that in the TBL series you´ll find the right type for your demands.

Quality AC/DC power supplies for industrial automation and equipment of buildings (intelligent houses, …) are one of the fundamental supposals of a successful and reliable application. But how to choose the “right one”? Sure, there´s a lot of criteria and one of them is the requirement to fit into flat – low profile distribution boxes. This requirement is well met in the Traco TBL series, with the height of only 54,5 mm (after attaching to a DIN rail). TBL series provides a high safety (safety class II) and meets for example UL 1310 class II requirements (15-90W models). A big advantage is a wide range of operating temperatures -25 to +70°C (up to +60°C without power derating).

TBL series is available in 5 power ranges from 15 to 150W and also available is the 60W backup source (UPS) TBL-BC comprising circuitry for battery management. If necessary, it´s also possible to adjust output voltage (5-5,2V, 12-16V, 24-28V) – for example to compensate long conductors to a target device. In respect to an overall design and a high reliability, the TBL series is also suitable for supplying of security devices (alarms).

Detailed information will provide you the Traco TBL datasheet, TBL series models list and installation instructions.

Traco TBL power supplies fit into every distribution box - [Link]

6 Mar 2014


High efficiency, low standby power consumption and a power reserve, all this can be gained with a new adapter from our portfolio.

Minwa NR120P150PGS/E+ is in fact an “ordinary“ adapter with a fixed output voltage 12VDC/1500 mA. But it´s worth to mention, that it meets everything, what we usually require from a modern mains adapter:

  • modern design (SMPS)
  • high efficiency
  • low standby power consumption (<0.3W)
  • meets all latest regulations – EuP2, ErP,…

And finally a bonus – outstanding price. Adapters from company Minwa are in general always price-affordable, but here it is even more obvious. When we compare a one level weaker adapter NK120P100PGS/E+ (12V/1000 mA) with NR120P150PGS/E+ we´ll find, that for the price higher +14 (already at purchase of one piece) we´ll gain +50% power. So if you have a device requiring up to 1.5A current, or you use a 1A adapter at almost 100% and you want to gain some power reserve and probably a longer lifetime of an adapter, you can do so with minimum expenses.

Plus 50% of power for a scant one Euro? - [Link]

14 Feb 2014


Adapters with an attribute “medical” can help you to meet stringent requirements for this segment. 

If you produce a device with a supposal to be used in a hospital or in a medical segment in general, it´s naturally necessary that it must meet more stringent requirements, given for example by a 93/42/EEC directive about medical devices.

High reliability and a high isolation (primary/ secondary winding) belong to basic requirements. Adapters Friwo – medical meet these and also many other requirements and they also gained many international attests. In the Friwo portfolio can be found a wide range of various medical adapters with power of 3-30W, „desktop“ adapters with power of 12-150W and also „open frame“ modules with power of 65-250W.
In our stock a universal type GPP18M (1890856, FW7556M) can be found, with a 12V/1500 mA output. It features a constant voltage with a current limitation and a protection against continuous shortcut. Now we offer you a GPP18 Medic set containing a power source, AC Euro inlet adapter and an output DC connector 5,5/2,5/11,5mm for an exceptional price.

Should you be interested in a relatively bigger amount of these adapter in a different version (other mains inlet adaptor or other DC connector), we´ll certainly find a solution. Detailed information will provide you the Friwo_medical overview.

Do you produce devices for medical segment? - [Link]

3 Feb 2014


David @ daqq.eu pointed us to his latest power supply tear-down.

The HP 6010A is a monster of a power supply, capable of providing 1kW. There are three limits: 17A, 200V and 1kW – that means that you can source 200V, but only up to 5A. You can suck 17A, but only at up to 60V.

I got this one second hand, possibly third or eight hand. Some butchery has been done – some parts were replaced (the old ones probably blew).

All in all, the device is a big power supply, not meant for precision but rather for power. The power supply works well, though I’ve yet to test the 1kW – it’s not exactly easy to sink 1kW of heat

HP 6010A – 1kW power supply Teardown - [Link]

5 Oct 2013

You meet them every day without knowing that those are Friwo. However world-class producers know why they use them… 

Friwo power supplies  guarantee top-level specification and reliability, what can help you to gain and keep customers and a good reputation. To have a trust of customers is usually the most important factor influencing whether you will sell your product or not. And trust of customers is usually built on a reliability of a device…

Nowadays, when a device with almost the same functionality can be bought from several producers, the success or fail on the market is in the hands of seeming trifles. Naturally, there´s often a pressure on a very low price, but hand in hand with this requirement, everyone also wants a reliability.
Designers of electronic devices know, that a device with the same functionality can be designed in two basic ways:
1) in a way that it worked on the edge of its possibilities (weakly dimensioned components, slower semiconductors with higher losses, …). Such a device operates at “usual circumstances” properly, only maybe generating a little more heat (lower efficiency). The problem is usually a lower lifetime and a much higher susceptibility to overvoltages in mains line, disturbances, higher or very low temperatures etc.
2) or in a way that it worked with a reserve even in not always ideal conditions (temperature, voltage spikes, ….) even for a price of slightly higher production costs.

It´s obvious, that a device designed by a “pattern no. 2” provides far higher assumption of a reliable operation without claims, service events or a loss of a good reputation. Friwo as the biggest and the only European producer of power supplies in a given range wagered on quality and no wonder, that it´s the first choice of many renowned producers like Bosch, Metabo, Makita, Braun, Siemens medical, Porsche, Geberit, Sagem,….    If you didn´t meet a mark Friwo yet, it may be because Friwo is first of all the OEM producer and almost everyone of us daily uses some product with a Friwo power supply, without knowing it.

On stock we keep a selected range of adapters, but much more important is the fact, that we´re able to provide you any power supply from Friwo and upon order it´s also possible to produce a power supply exactly according to your demands. Friwo disposes with many production capacities, like laser trimming enabling a flexible adjustment of specification. An image about the Friwo power supplies will give you the document Friwo company profile as well as our article „Your devices will fall in love with premium power supplies Friwo”.
In case of interest, please contact us at info@soselectronic.com.

Do you divine where everywhere Friwo adapters and power supplies are used? – [Link]

22 Aug 2013

Dave gives his initial impression on the Rigol DP832 triple output 195W lab power supply.

EEVblog #509 – Rigol DP832 Lab Power Supply - [Link]





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