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27 Feb 2011

circuit-zone.com writes:

For a long time I needed a good programmer pussy, even if it is programming, so from time to time the application gets where it is used. So I decided to build the programmer. I chose between a couple of projects from different authors, but eventually won PICkit2. Microchip released the schema directly in the user manual for the programmer. On the Internet there are multiple versions of the programmer, it’s usually cropped version of the log analyzer features, UART terminal, etc., 12V inverter is a modified version of it and control the MOSFETs, unlike bipolar transistors used in the original design.

PICKit 2 CLONE – [Link]

3 Feb 2011

This project is a PIC programmer.

All pic programmer - [Link]

31 Jan 2011

martinhubacek.cz writes:

This is my board layout for USBasp programmer. On that programmer homepage is a lot of designs, different MCU types and package sizes of processors. But nothing that I would like. I wanted really small size but with the same features. I used the original schematics from Fischl and created new layout with some SMD parts.

Small USB AVR programmer using USBasp – [Link]

21 Jan 2011

evilmadscientist.com writes: [via]

Reading out the flash memory is straightforward with an AVR ISP programmer, such as the USBtinyISP, using avrdude from the command line. You’ll need to have a copy of the AVR toolchain– or at least avrdude –installed on your computer. There are easy installers available for Mac (Crosspack) and Windows (MHV AVR Tools) that include this software, along with the other open source tools for AVR development. Linux packages for AVR development are also available.

AVR Basics: Reading (and writing) flash contents – [Link]

16 Dec 2010

This project is a simple and cheap AVR SPI Programmer using V-USB firmware, USBtiny software and simple components. Check construction details on the link below.

VUSBTiny AVR SPI Programmer - [Link]

27 Oct 2010

This project is an ATMEL MCU Programmer able to program 20pin AVR microcontrollers of AT89Cx051 series on DOS and windows operating system. It support only AT89C1051, AT89C2051, AT89C4051 µCU. Check schematic, construction details and PCB on the link below.

ATP158 – ATMEL uCU Programmer - [Link]

11 Oct 2010

RoboProgrammer is a robot able to automatic program mcu chips. It takes the DIP chips using vacuum and programs them one by one using the Arduino board. Check the video to see how it works.

RoboProgrammer: Automatic MCU chip programmer – [Link]

19 Sep 2010

This circuit can program any MicroChip processor – from 6 pins to 40 pins processors.The programmer supports: PIC12, PIC16, PIC18, dsPIC24 , dsPIC30 families, and uses an ICSP header thus not requiring to remove the PIC from the circuit each time it needs to be programmed.

Microchip PIC Programmer – [Link]

5 Sep 2010

This is a simple PIC16F84A programmer using only a few components. It programs pic16f84a and pic16c84 and connects to RS232.

PIC16F84A Programmer - [Link]

26 Aug 2010

This project shows how to build a simple and low cost programmer for PIC microcontrollers.  The PCB is single sided and electronic components used are easy to find. Building this programmer you can burn your own PICs using the serial port of your PC.

Build your own PIC programmer - [Link]





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