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5 Sep 2010

This is a simple PIC16F84A programmer using only a few components. It programs pic16f84a and pic16c84 and connects to RS232.

PIC16F84A Programmer – [Link]

26 Aug 2010

This project shows how to build a simple and low cost programmer for PIC microcontrollers.  The PCB is single sided and electronic components used are easy to find. Building this programmer you can burn your own PICs using the serial port of your PC.

Build your own PIC programmer – [Link]

28 Jul 2010

In this article learn different ways to burn firmware on a PIC microcontroller and how to make a JDM2 PIC programmer.

Program a PIC microcontroller – [Link]

28 Jul 2010

This is a simple and easy to build AVR programmer connected to serial port. It can be used with PonyProg or Avrdude software programmer. It is based on SI-Prog from the author of PonyProg software.

Simple Serial Programmer for AVR – [Link]

17 Jun 2010

The circuit is able to burn a firmware into the microcontroller and uses only a 74HC00 (or 74HC132) and a couple of transistors to operate; it connects to the PC via RS232 native port or USB to RS232 interface. The control program, written in VB6, is fully available, in executable or source code form (easy to modify for implementing other micros). The circuit printed board layout in PDF 1:1 format and the electric schematic are also downloadable from the site below:

Simple Atmel AVR ATtiny2313 programmer with 74HC00 – [Link]

22 May 2010

Have you programmed the wrong fuses and now you can’t access your AVR? No problem there is a solution out there. All you need is a high voltage programmer to reset fuses. This board called “Fuse doctor” can reset your fuses. Programmer supports ATTiny2313, ATmega8, ATmega16/32 and others. One great feature is that it doesn’t need computer to operate. [via]

Wrong AVR fuses? Correct them using fuse doctor – [Link]

5 Nov 2008

If you have a 3.3V FTDI cable, turning it into a Propeller programming cable is rather easy. A modified cable is cheaper than a propplug, too!

Make a Propeller programmer – [Link]

2 Nov 2008

This programmer was designed to program the Motorola MC68HC908GP32 micropocessor , in combination with a personal computer , and the progsz08 free software by p&e micro systems. 

Motorola MC68HC908GP32 programmer – [Link]

31 Oct 2008

Not having touched a PIC for about 18 months, and having been offered some freelance work programming a new PIC device, I needed a quick reintroduction to their architecture, software and little quirks. I ordered a couple of 16F84 devices and looked around on the web for a simple programmer.

The simplest one I could find was a serial port programmer: JDMprog. It uses a small number of low-cost components, and is unique in that it doesn’t need an external power supply, getting its power from the serial port.

Simplest PIC programmer – [Link]

18 Oct 2008

I started with a PicKit1. After using it for a while I moved on to this PicKit 2 PIC Microcontroller programmer. I have always loved this programmer, having a USB, a button, a couple LEDs, a potentiometer and a seperate ICSP programmer unit. It is also very fast. But, like I’m sure many of you, I quickly out-grew my PicKit2 programmer. There just isn’t enough real-world stuff on it. So I decided to add some.

Modding the PicKit2 – [Link]





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