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2 Oct 2011

Blondihacks has developed a breadboard programming header for 8-Pin AVR microcontrollers called the Bread Head. [via]

This little guy was easy to make, and has been a real time saver when iterating on a breadboard. The trick is upside-down protoboard, and longer-than-usual headers! Read on to see how it’s built.

Bread Head – [Link]

8 Mar 2011

This mini protoboard you can use for a small project. With this board that you can start with some simple projects such as LED Flaser and progressing on to more advanced projects.

Mini Protoboard For PIC12F675 – [Link]

7 Feb 2011

b0j3 writes:

Since I have a lot of ideas about different usages of microcontrollers it always happens I have to build basic microcontroller setup (microcontroller with oscilator).  Finaly I decided to make a small (or should I say mini) protoboard for PIC 12f675 (which I wanted to use for a small project). You can see the result on the picture.

PIC 12F675 mini protoboard – [Link]

28 Feb 2008


This project was born out of a need for buttons that can be used on a solderless breadboard. I used to solder wires onto a normal push button switch. Not only were they big and clunky, but they would always break as well. I then settled on this design and have never looked back.

It is a tactile button that can easily be put on a solderless breadboard. No more breaking the metal ‘feet’ of the button. No more bending wires, trying to stick a big pushbutton into the prototype board. This project is simple and very useful. Step by step instructions and pictures after the link…

Protoboard Button – [Link]

26 Dec 2007


 b0j3 writes:

Somewhat similar to PIC 12f675 mini protoboard, but extended and with additional boards. Using attiny2313. The scheme is pretty obvious since it only connects attiny2313 with the pins and the only additional elements are resistors and capacitor for reseting the microcontroller.

AVR mini board with additional boards – [Link]





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