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25 Oct 2014

by EEVblog @ youtube.com:

Dave shows you how to reverse engineer a PCB to get the schematic. In this case the new Rigol DS1054Z oscilloscope.
How does the discrete transistor analog front end and the software bandwidth limiting work?
How do you decode SMD transistor codes?
How does it compare to the old Rigol DS1052E?
Dave also discusses the low voltage ohms function of a mulitmeter, how it’s useful, and how to test your multimeter to see if it will have any issues with in-circuit testing.

EEVblog #675 – How To Reverse Engineer A Rigol DS1054Z - [Link]

18 Oct 2014

by EEVblog @ youtube.com:

Dave tears down the new US$399 Rigol 4 channel 50MHz DS1054Z oscilloscope.
How can they get such incredible value for the price?

EEVblog #674 – Rigol DS1054Z Teardown - [Link]

26 Jun 2014


Saelig Company Inc. (www.saelig.com) has announced the availability of MSO functionality to their range of Rigol DS2000A and DS1000Z scopes.   The mixed-signal extension provides digital signal debug capabilities to the user, allowing simultaneous viewing of analog and digital signals for comprehensive signal analysis. Both models leverage Rigol’s Ultravision technology from the DS6000 series, offering superior performance and functionality in this class.

Designed to reduce test time in research, development and failure analysis applications, the MSO2000A and MSO1000Z series digital oscilloscopes facilitate detecting signal and device characteristics with comprehensive trigger functions, hardware-based real time waveform records, replay, search and analysis functions. The multi-lingual user interface allows easy configuration of the oscilloscopes in the local language.

Saelig – MSO functionality to Rigol DS2000A and DS1000Z scopes - [Link]

9 Jun 2014

In this episode Shahriar explores the world of filters! Starting from a simple lumped RC filter, he briefly covers the theory before moving onto measurement techniques. The bandwidth of the filter is verified experimentally in the time domain. A more complex RLC band-stop filter is also demonstrated with a tune-able inductor which is measured using an RLC meter. Using a Rigol spectrum analyzer with built in tracking generator and an active probe, the frequency response of the filter is measured. Several other packaged filters are also demonstrated and a microwave band-pass filter is disassembled to reveal its internal construction.

Tutorial on Passive Filters, Data Transmission and Equalization - [Link]

25 Apr 2014


High-performance RF signal source family offers AM/FM/Phase modulation with I/Q modulation option

Fairport NY: Saelig Company Inc. (www.saelig.com) has introduced a high-performance RF signal source family, the DSG3000 3GHz/6GHz series, offering standard AM/FM/Phase modulation, as well as options for I/Q modulation and I/Q baseband output. The DSG3000 Series generates waveforms with high signal purity, typical phase noise of less than 110dBc/Hz@20kHz, and a wide output range of -130dBm to +13dBm. The DSG3000 RF signal generator has standard pulse modulation with an on/off ratio of up to 80dB, with an optional pulse train generator also available. The DSG3000 series has a typical amplitude accuracy of better than 0.5dB, and the standard 0.5ppm internal clock can be upgraded to an optional 5ppb high stability oven-controlled clock.

The DSG3000 series RF signal generators support internal and external modulation capabilities and operate with USB, LAN, LXI-C, and GPIB remote control interfaces. They also feature a wear-free electronic attenuator design and an automatic flatness calibration function via external automated power meter control over USB. This can be used as an automatic flatness calibration test system functionality for cables, attenuators, amplifiers, etc. The DSG3000ʼs standard 2U height is designed to save space when used with the optional rack mount kit.

Offering remarkable value for the money, the DSG3000 Series RF source is ideal for applications in wireless communication, radar test, audio/video broadcasting, as well as for general purpose, educational, and consumer electronics needs.

DSG3000 Signal Generators are made by RIGOL Technologies, a rapidly growing test and measurement company and the worldʼs second largest oscilloscope manufacturer by volume. RIGOL delivers high quality, high performance and value-priced test equipment for engineers, technicians and students worldwide.     Offered with a remarkable 3-year warranty, the DSG3000 series is available now from Saelig Company, Inc. 1-888-772-3544 info@saelig.com

Saelig Announces Economical 3GHz/6GHz RF Signal Generator Series - [Link]

22 Apr 2014

by mjlorton:

This is a review / buyer’s guide / tutorial on the Rigol DS2000 / DS2072A. As this is my first oscilloscope review I’ve gone into a little more detail for those new to oscilloscopes. I’m trying to use a standard set tests for this review which will carry through to future reviews so comparisons can be made between oscilloscopes.

I will do a side by side review of the Rigol DS2000 vs the Agilent DSOX2000 in the future. In this review I do make comparisons and references to the Agilent 2000 X series.

Review: Rigol DS2000 Oscilloscope - [Link]

18 Feb 2014

In this episode Shahriar extensively reviews the Rigol DSA1030A-TG3 Spectrum Analyzer. A wide variety of experiments are performed using the Rigol spectrum analyzer to serve both as a tutorial to use the instrument and to demonstrate its capabilities. Some measurement results are also performed using other calibrated instruments to verify the accuracy of the spectrum analyzer. The Rigol DSA1030A-TG3 can be purchased directly from Rigol Inc.

Rigol DSA1030A-TG3 Spectrum Analyzer Review and Experiments - [Link]

7 Feb 2014

“stevechamberlin” hands-on review of the Rigol DS1074Z oscilloscope

Rigol DS1074Z Oscilloscope Review - [Link]

18 Dec 2013

RIGOL DSA1030A is a 9 kHz to 3 GHz Performance Spectrum Analyzer with advanced measurement capabilities. At only $4999 market price, DSA1030A has USB and Ethernet connectivity as well as a VGA outlet.  It features a minimum resolution bandwidth of 10 Hz and comes with an all-digital IF design technology to meet the needs for reliability and precision for some of the most demanding RF applications. DSA1030A offers other optional features such as the Advanced Measurement option attainable for applications either in low noise or in narrow resolution and also a built-in pre-amplifier to help on low level signals. The interface is also comparable to other rated analyzers with a large display at 21.6 cm with a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels that in return allows good viewing and easy navigation.

The DSA1030A Spectrum Analyzer offers readily accessible frequency settings. The span control for functions like zooming in/out or even for zero and full span can be attained readily in one click. All the menus can be set quickly and easily.  The configuration of the analyzer is also made simple. Just access the marker functions, press the marker buttons and you will see exactly what you expect.

One thing about the DSA1030A Spectrum Analyzer is that changing most of its settings in effect also automatically updates the display settings on the screen to match your desired options. The status indicator is readily available and is always on the screen. No matter where you are on the spectrum analyzer, the status indicator is always provided. Correction settings are also integrated to the analyzer to allow file corrections for antenna, cable or similar as long as it comes with the correct format. Data can be corrected by these settings live in real time.

The RIGOL DSA1030A Spectrum Analyzer comes with standard accessories such as the Advance Measurement Kit (AMK) and USB cable and power cord. It weighs 6.2 kg without the optional battery that can be used for portable operation. In addition, it has a user-friendly preset function that enables users to load their previous measurements. With an exceptional market price, it is safe to say that the DSA1030A Spectrum Analyzer can be used for broad electronics applications present today.

RIGOL DSA1030A Spectrum Analyzer - [Link]

2 Dec 2013

RIGOL DS-4054 Oscilloscope is a member of RIGOL’s DS400 Series of Digital Oscilloscopes, a series of versatile and high performance oscilloscopes that integrates today’s most advanced features and technologies. The DS-4054 model features a 9 Inch wide display with 500 MHz bandwidth. The important buttons are easy to find like the control and functional buttons. Channel and measurement settings are located in an easy to find menu that makes adding measurements to the display a quick and easy process. Custom measurements can also be done through manual option allowing users to adjust the cursor freely.

At a market price of $5,899, the DS-4054 boosts some special features unique to its price range. One feature highlighted is that the device can be used in various triggering modes. Through triggering menu featured in this device, users can go to different triggering functionalities like the conventional Edge type triggers, communication type triggers and even custom triggers that can be set-up. Another plus for the DS-4054 is its recording capability. The device is equipped with waveform recording and display functionality allowing users to have a closer look of signals that appear unusual making it more convenient to examine the waveforms. The device uses ultravision technology that insures numerous options of waveform recording and analysis due to its large memory and high acquisition rate.

RIGOL DS-4054 Oscilloscope being part of the DS400 Series is likely to become more successful than other market leaders. Compared to its closest competitor the Tektronix DP0300 with a sampling rate of 2.5 GSa/s, memory of 5 Mpts and an acquisition rate of 50,000 wfms/s, the DS-4054 already boosts a 4 GSa/a sampling rate, 140 Mpts memory and an acquisition rate of 50,000 wfms/s. For connectivity, the device also comprises a USB, Ethernet and a VGA output port. The RIGOL DS-4054 in total provides users easy measurement access, exceptional display and is definitely worth the price you pay for the device.

RIGOL DS-4054 Digital Oscilloscope – Product Overview - [Link]





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