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3 May 2014


A microscopic 3D printer enables chip designers to quickly prototype new semiconductors structures as well as create light guides for photonics and quantum computers. [via]

IBM Debuts Microscopic 3D Printer – [Link]

20 Sep 2011

3M and IBM announced that the two companies plan to jointly develop the first adhesives that can be used to package semiconductors into densely stacked silicon “towers.” Processors could be tightly packed with memory and networking, for example, into a “brick” of silicon that would create a computer chip 1,000 times faster than today’s fastest microprocessor enabling more powerful smartphones, tablets, computers and gaming devices.

Adhesives for semiconductors – [Link]

3 Aug 2011

Taking a cue from ‘whispering galleries’ built into cathedrals by Renaissance architects, researchers at the University of Pennsylvania adapted the principle to nanoscale devices to drastically reduce emission lifetime, a key property of light-emitting semiconductors. A whispering gallery is a circular chamber designed to reflect and direct sound waves so that a whisper can be heard across the room.

When a semiconductor material is excited, it takes a few nanoseconds to return to the ground state, which is accompanied by emission of light. This delay is called the emission lifetime. For devices such as modulators, which must switch back and forth between two states, the emission lifetime sets a limit to the switching rate. The novel approach taken by the researchers reduces the emission lifetime to less than a picosecond – more than a thousand times faster than anything else currently available. [via]

Nanoplasmon ‘whispering gallery’ slashes emission lifetime in semiconductors – [Link]

10 Oct 2008

ICPhotos.org is a free site that provides photos of semiconductors and electronic components

ICphotos: Electronics parts photos – [Link]





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