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27 Sep 2010

CHEX is a perfect device for testing CCPM servo setup. This device allows you to connect 1-3 servos simultaneously. It can be used as a servo signal generator for testing electronic speed controller (ESC) without using a transmitter and receiver. Also, this device can be used to check other RC devices as shown in the features below.

E-CHEX : Multi-purpose RC devices checker - [Link]

25 Sep 2010

This project is a servo tester based on PIC16F690 and with code written in C. The timing loop is a crude one relying on a simple tight loop, so the pulses are not massively accurate.The board has four modes of operation, selected using TACT switches with the status indicated on LEDS built into the switches .

Servo Tester Module - [Link]

19 Sep 2010

This is a camera switch that uses a servo to activate the shutter. This page include links to the complete circuit diagram, the .HEX file required to program the 12F675, and complete construction details. The switch consists of a PIC and a small number of standard components. The Servo Camera Switch connects inline between the receiver and the servo and manages the operation of the servo.

Servo Camera Switch - [Link]

17 Sep 2010

This project over oomlout.co.uk shows how to build a robot able to cut resistors… If you are in need to cut a lot of resistors this will be handy.  It uses an Arduino, a stepper motor, two RC servos, two exacto blades and a bundle of laser sliced 3mm MDF. It is able to produce resistors strips of any length. [via]

Resistor cutting robot – [Link]

1 Sep 2010

This is a simple servo tester which will comprehensively test the capabilities of almost any modern servo. It has two pushbuttons, CENTRE and SWEEP and a potentiometer which works as follows:

Simple Servo Tester - [Link]

5 Nov 2008

PID motor control with an Arduino from Josh Kopel on Vimeo.

This is a nice example of scavenging parts from an inkjet printer to make cool stuff. It uses an Arduino and a Motor Shield to control the DC motor. The web site has a lot more information and the source code to get you started. [via]

Using a DC motor as a servo with PID control – [Link]

24 Oct 2008

Servo motor is very useful in robotic. I used servo motors to create few robots in the past. But I never think of using servo motor as input device, and mahto did it. Making servo motor as input device, you can now record the position of the servo motor and play it back the sequence of actions afterward. [via]

Servo Motor as Input Device - [Link]

19 Sep 2008

This servo tester can control two servos independently. It can analyse the servo signal quality from your receiver. It measures voltage and current under servo load. It can be used as a tachometer, and with a later software upgrade it can also be remote controlled from a PC.It uses a rotary encoder for fast and intuitive navigation of the menus, which make it even more simple to use than the old 4-button tester.

Servo tester - [Link]

12 Sep 2008

This serial servo control software was written in “Visual Basic 5 Pro”. It uses the PC serial port “com1″ to talk to a Basic Stamp, or a Pic Micro programmed with MicroEngineerings PicBasic.In between positions are available as well.You can just click on the slider and hold the mouse button down while moving the slider for large adjustments, or use the up/down arrows for slower more precise positioning.

Serial servo control - [Link]

16 Jun 2008

This project was developed as an inexpensive way to drive small dc brushed motors as positioning servos for use on a desktop sized CNC machine. The board is interfaced to the PC through 2 pins of a parallel port. The drive signal on these pins is known as quadrature drive. The power stage consists of a power op amp driven in constant current mode. The internal PIC processor ( a 30f4012 from Microchip ) is programmed in C through the C30 compiler and the Microchip IDE. The servo loop parameters are programmed through a serial port connection and are saved in the dspic eeprom. Once set for a particular drive, they should not need to be changed. [via]

Dspic-Servo Project - [Link]





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