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20 May 2011

This video shows a Schogini Systems Iphone app that allows you to simulate Arduino circuit breadboarding and sketch coding on an Iphone. According to the video, you can email the code to your computer for further development or device programming.

Iphone Arduino simulator app – [Link]

4 Apr 2011

dangerousprototypes.com writes:

There is an interesting oscilloscope simulator , not much is known about the authors, other than the brief description of the reasons they chose to simulate this particular scope.

Oscilloscope simulator - [Link]

19 Mar 2011

Enrico Mathesar writes:

This little gadget will simulate a 500 volt or less Geiger tube when driven by a signal generator of sufficient amplitude, typically 5 volts p-p or greater. The purpose is to generate a steady, precise number of counts per minute so that the Geiger counter’s meter may be calibrated.

Geiger Tube Simulator – [Link]

15 Mar 2011

Stepping through this 595 shift register simulator is a good way to learn some logic chip fundamentals like shift registers and serial interfaces. [via]

595 shift register simulator – [Link]

13 Jan 2011

This is an online electric circuit simulator based on Flash Player 10. Using it you can simulate simple circuits using batteries, lights, resistors, fan etc and use voltmeter, ammeter and ohm meter to measure various values of the circuit. Give it a try on the link below.

Online electric circuit simulator – [Link]

21 Dec 2010

This project is a Lunar eclipse simulator based on ChronoDot clock module, a ShiftBar RGB LED board, and a Satellite Module to change the color of the moon to match that of the eclipse. [via]

Lunar eclipse simulator – [Link]

24 Nov 2010

DCircuit Lab HD is a tool for simulating combinatorial and sequential digital circuits.

DCircuit Lab HD for simulating digital circuits – [Link]

21 Sep 2010

Visual 6502 is a javascript simulation of the venerable 6502 processor, that can run in your web browser. Check it out. [via]

Visual 6502 javascript simulation – [Link]

9 Aug 2010

iCircuit is a basic circuit simulator for iPhone. It includes a basic schematic editor and circuit simulator with multimeter and oscilloscope views. You can use it to design both analog and digital circuits and watch them working in real time as real circuits do. Supported elements include resistors, capacitors, inductors, transistors, diodes, logic gates. flip-flops and much more.  [via]

iCircuit: Circuit simulator for iPhone - [Link]

10 Feb 2010

This java applet is an electronic circuit simulator. A great way to simulate simple circuits using a plain Java enabled browser. [via]

Java-based circuit simulator - [Link]





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