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22 Jul 2012

This is a small tutorial on how to make ‘3D Warehouse‘-like previews for your SketchUp 3D Models. It involves installing and using the SketchUp Web Exporter plugin – [via]

This tool will create in the given directory a collection of JPEG pictures and an HTML file containing the JavaScript code to animate the panorama, as well as a ZIP file containing the above files for convenient deployment on a website.

SketchUp tip: How to make 3D previews – [Link]

2 Apr 2012

dangerousprototypes.com writes:

3D models in Google SketchUp look great, but with a few extra plugins the results can look photo-realistic. In this tutorial we’ll cover our experience with the Maxwell for Google Sketchup rendering plugin.

The Maxwell Fire engine is easy to use. It’s integrated directly into SketchUp so you don’t need to open any other application to render photo-realistic images of your models.

The goal of this guide is to help you make awesome looking images of your projects for documentation and presentation.

Make realistic 3D renderings of PCB designs – [Link]

29 Jan 2012

EagleUp is a new way to render Eagle PCBs in 3D. It integrates with Google Sketchup so it’s possible to design cases around the PCB model:

version 4 has been released. Most of the import and export procedures have been automatized to simplify the process, so that you can focus in design, and not in the conversion 2D/3D.

With the version 4, you export from Eagle in 2 clicks, and import into sketchup in 3 clicks. No more tiring image creation and manual import necessary. Give it a try !

Eagle 3D is another way to make 3D board renderings, and it works for non-Windows users too. [via]

EagleUP brings PCBs to Google Sketchup – [Link]

26 Jun 2011

RS Components has released PCB Converter for SketchUp, a software tool that converts CAD files in Intermediate Data Format (IDF) to Collada format for use in SketchUp. This enables designers to use SketchUp as a 3D CAD back-end for to PCB design and brings SketchUp into the electronic product design realm. [via]

Converter for Google SketchUp gives PCB designers 3D eCAD functionality – [Link]

25 Nov 2010

Google and Ponoko have issued a $3,776 challenge – who’s the best at showing the world “How to use Google SketchUp for Ponoko 3D printing ?

If you haven’t discovered Ponoko yet, you’re in for a treat. Ponoko is about turning the stuff you dream up into physical objects that you can hold in your hands. Nothing beats seeing your designs come to life.

Google and Ponoko announce a nice competition and the challenge is to produce a piece of instructional content.

Competition: Google and Ponoko promote 3D printing – [Link]

1 Sep 2010

Sketchyphysics enables you to add physics and movement on your Sketchup model. Check it on the link below. [via]

Add life to your SketchUp creations with Sketchyphysics – [Link]

30 Nov 2007


Here is a nice 3D model of arduino board made by “Bussoli” using Google SketchUp. Bussoli writes:

What I haven’t been able to find were any physical representations of the board itself that I could use for things like case modding or fabrication. So I decided to model the board in Google Sketchup myself and post it for everyone to use.

Downloads: Arduino.skp | arduino-3D.dwg | arduino.3ds | arduino.dxf

Arduino Sketchup Model – [Link]





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