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28 May 2012

foxxtrotalpha writes:

The soldering assistant is a project idea I had to have my soldering supplies conveniently in one spot. The Solder spool holder is close to the work area to have a read supply of solder to feed directly from the spool. The soldering assistant also features and adjustable vise to hold your projects securely as you assemble them. Just behind the work area is a parts bin, to put your resistors, capacitors, IC’s tweezers or other supplies. Side “fins” make it possible to make custom add-ons that can just snap into place. The only part that isn’t printable through a 3d printer is the center threaded rod that moves the base, this is a 1/4″ threaded rod that can be purchased at any local hardware store. 2 hex nuts are also required, one that fits into the moving side of the platform, and one on the stationary side. This is an entry for the “Make it real Challenge” contest. If you like the design, please vote, Thanks.

Soldering Assistant - [Link]

28 May 2012

SMT Soldering–It’s easier than you think!. [via]

SMT Soldering–It’s easier than you think! is our new Manga Comic that shows you step by step tips and techniques for learning to solder SMT parts.

SMT Soldering – It’s easier than you think! - [Link]

23 Apr 2012

Hercules Trapierakis writes:

This is a copy paste tool of George’s Homemade Soldering Station  but with some improvements and not with a PIC but with an AVR ATMEGA8 uC. I have changed the way that the information is displayed also you can adjust the P I D values  and it has a safe mode option – that it will turn off the soldering iron if it is not used for a certain amount of time.

Here is an implementation of Pantelis

Homemade Soldering Station - [Link]

20 Apr 2012

New Weller WX 2 Soldering Station - [Link]

28 Mar 2012

The WX series consists of microprocessor-controlled soldering stations with 1 or 2 channels, intended for soldering irons up to 200 W. The stations have a multilingual backlit anti-static touch-display with enter button and circular finger guide for menu navigation. [via]

WX2021 Soldering station – A new era in soldering has begun - [Link]

25 Mar 2012

From a soldering station intended for everyday use, we naturally expect reliability and a robust resistant construction. Soldering station Diametral SBL530.1A is a proven device meeting stringent requirements of a professional production.

Micro soldering station SBL530.1A is equipped with a fluent temperature regulation by a potentiometer. Setting by a potentiometer is very quick and sufficiently accurate, because a a well readable LED display shows a set-up temperature, as well as a real temperature. After turning by a potentiometer or after pressing a button, the display shows a set-up (desired) temperature. The display will switch back to displaying a real temperature after approx. 3 seconds. A soldering tip reaches a set-up temperature in about 30-120 seconds from switch-on of the soldering station, depending on a set-up temperature.

Advantages / Features: :

  1. professional soldering station for uninterrupted operation
  2. fluently adjustable temperature from 80 to 450°C
  3. 9 types of interchangeable tips
  4. 230V/50Hz/35W
  5. switching of a heating element in zero level
  6. possibility to connect a cut-out automatics
  7. dimensions 92 x 105 x 155mm (H x W x L)

A positive feature of the soldering station is electronic switching of the heating element when intermittent current of a power line is passing zero, what eliminates possible interference or other unwanted influence to a mains power line. You can choose from 9 tips types, from thin ones, suitable for SMT components, up to relatively thick, suitable even for soldering of bigger joints. You will also appreciate thicker soldering tips at soldering of components or leads to bigger pads of multilayer PCBs, which take away the heat from a soldered joint very quickly. Micro soldering station is placed in a rugged metal chassis with a surface treated by a powder enamel – RAL 9005 black colour. SBL530.1a is also equipped with a transformer adequately dimensioned for uninterrupted operation.., cut-out automatics, which switches the soldering station into a stand-by statement after a set-up time of inactivity. That increases safety, decreases power consumption and prolongs soldering tips lifetime.

Soldering station with an outstanding price/performance ratio - [Link]

3 Feb 2012

EEVblog made a SMD hand soldering tutorial. In the video Dave explains how to solder small SMD capacitors and resistors, all the standard size pitches for ICs up to a 0.5mm pitch, as well as some tips how to use large thermal pads, like adding thermal paste or preheating the board and the IC. [via]

Surface mount soldering tutorial - [Link]

23 Jan 2012

Giorgos Lazaridis writes:

Soldering stations comes in a variety of prices and capabilities. The cheaper stations have a power controller, to control the power delivered to the soldering iron. More expensive stations will have a temperature controller near the tip of the soldering iron, and control the temperature using this feedback.

The quality of soldering with a station is much higher than with a simple soldering iron. Especially if the station has a temperature controller on the tip. That is because, the solder has a very specific working temperature. For example, the one i use (60% tin 40% lead), is liquefied at 190C. Of course, you do not solder at 190C! The soldering iron i use, exceeds by far this temperature. I measured it up to 410C! This has negative effect on the soldering quality.

Homemade Soldering Station - [Link]

3 Dec 2011

WSM 1C – The mobile, rechaegeable soldering station 40W. Ideal for all soldering applications that need a handy and ease of use station for a professional work. nESD safe and designed for mobile, cordless service. The perfect alternative to gas powered irons.nnnScope of deliveryn- WSM 1 soldering station with rechargeable battery and micro soldering…

Technical specifications

  • ESD safe, for industrial applications
  • Built in Stop+Go function for energy efficient switch off
  • Touch screen technology
  • Special functions for individual settings
  • Temperature-locking function
  • 2 pre-set temperature values (fixed temperatures)
  • Equipotential bonding socket
  • Integrated micro soldering pencil WMRP 40 W with ergonomic design
  • Changeable, high efficient micro soldering tip RT 3, chisel, 1.3 mm and integrated heating element
  • Safety rest with WDC dry cleaner
  • Latest LiFePo4 rechargeable technology
  • Up to 1 hour soldering capacity
  • Recharge time 20 minutes
  • Temperature range: 100°C – 400°C
  • Heat up time: 4 sec.
  • Power: 40 W / 12 V
  • Soldering iron: Integrated WMRP pencil with RT 3 soldering tip, chisel 1.3 mm
  • Energy efficient switching power supply: 100 – 230 V

WSM 1C – The mobile, rechargeable soldering station 40W - [Link]

30 Nov 2011

Ever want to design your own soldering station? Sqkybeaver is workshopping a soldering station driver board in the forum now. [via]

DIY soldering station - [Link]





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