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5 Feb 2014

Drag Soldering for Surface Mount Chips - [Link]

25 May 2013

What’s inside the JBC CD-2BB soldering station - [Link]

4 Feb 2013


Reballing BGA devices tutorial - [Link]

15 Dec 2012


Get professional Soldering Station Weller for  free!

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SOS electronic prepares for its customers and fans a unique newsletter, which is tailor-made. You can choose what you want to read and how often you’ll get!

Actually the newsletter is sent to more than 60 000 email addresses. If you are not among them, you can subscribe for it.

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Get professional Soldering Station Weller WX2021 for free! - [Link]

20 Sep 2012

Friction Welding  – The Power of Friction - [Link]


7 Aug 2012

All stations use the JBC exclusive heating system that ensures the sleep and the hibernation functionalities.  They also feature a menu to customize more than  20 parameters.

The system recovers the tip’s temperature extremely fast. This increases the work efficiency and enables to low the solder temperature. The Intelligent Heat Management

JBC Soldering and Rework Stations – Probably the BEST station in the world - [Link]

28 Jun 2012

dangerousprototypes.com writes:

Flux is a wonderful goo that makes soldering faster and easier. In previous videos we compared different types of commercial flux (Flux off 1, Flux off 2), but did you know it’s possible to make a simple and effective flux at home? We’ll get you started, and don’t miss the giveaway at the end of the video. [via]

How to make a simple soldering flux - [Link]


29 May 2012


Pjkim assembled his Soldering Iron Driver v1.5 free PCB and enclosed it into some Tupperware. He had some problems with the firmware, but he eventually got it to work as intended. [via]


The LCD works, the iron gets hot and I can solder stuff with it! What do you call the first functioning of a soldering iron? First solder? First smoke? First joint?

Will have a more thorough writeup and more pics on my blog soon. And thank you Arhi and Arakis. And Ian too.

Soldering Iron Driver v1.5 assembled and enclosed - [Link]

28 May 2012

foxxtrotalpha writes:

The soldering assistant is a project idea I had to have my soldering supplies conveniently in one spot. The Solder spool holder is close to the work area to have a read supply of solder to feed directly from the spool. The soldering assistant also features and adjustable vise to hold your projects securely as you assemble them. Just behind the work area is a parts bin, to put your resistors, capacitors, IC’s tweezers or other supplies. Side “fins” make it possible to make custom add-ons that can just snap into place. The only part that isn’t printable through a 3d printer is the center threaded rod that moves the base, this is a 1/4″ threaded rod that can be purchased at any local hardware store. 2 hex nuts are also required, one that fits into the moving side of the platform, and one on the stationary side. This is an entry for the “Make it real Challenge” contest. If you like the design, please vote, Thanks.

Soldering Assistant - [Link]

28 May 2012

SMT Soldering–It’s easier than you think!. [via]

SMT Soldering–It’s easier than you think! is our new Manga Comic that shows you step by step tips and techniques for learning to solder SMT parts.

SMT Soldering – It’s easier than you think! - [Link]





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