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17 Jul 2013


Top quality rocker switch with an IP65 protection can be available even for a very competitive price. It is the case of a novelty in our offer – Marquardt 1932.3112.

Series 1930 may be probably familiar to you, for example from our article Series 1930 – Double Pole Rocker Switches with IP65. Till now, we had in stock types 1935.x with green and red backlight.

We react to your requests for switch with the same excellent properties but without a backlight and for as good price as possible. Type 1932.3112 from company Marquardt features an advanced construction with an integrated gasket, thus the switch doesn´t require any other sealing or a special assembly procedure to reach IP 65.
With the price under 2 EUR/ pcs and a considerable stock level, we´re able to offer you a top quality switch for a very affordable price. The switch contains a reliable mechanism with a long lifetime and handles up to 120A inrush (capacitive) current.

In case of interest even in other versions, please contact us at info@soselectronic.com.

Say stop to dust and water with the Marquardt 1932 switch – [Link]

3 Jul 2013


Mats continues his challenge of designing one PCB every week. In week 12 he came up with BB Prince, a small multi-purpose utility for your solderless breadboard:

This PAW is a small utility board for your breadboard that have some of the most common things you need when building a microcontroller-based project on the breadboard. It’s a small (2.5×1.5cm / 1×0.6”) PCB with a Power Led, a Reset button with a pullup and goes low when pressed, a Signal button with pulldown that goed high when pressed and two general Indicator Leds that are connected to ground via resistors.


BB Prince – breadboard utility PCB - [Link]

14 May 2013


Push-buttons resistant to dust and water, moreover with the well-visible LED backlight, will manage even rough handling.

If you have an application, where you need sturdy push-buttons and ideally even with backlight, then the Schurter MSM19 may be the right for you. Dust- and water-proof push-buttons can be advantageous not only in an expressly demanding industrial environment, but also in a common indoor environment, when they´re supposed to be frequently used, for example in various information or control panels etc. Right such a “harmless” environment can be easily dangerous thanks to wet hands, spilled coffee, …

Push-buttons Schurter MSM series feature a similar usage like MCS series, but it features a higher protection class – IP67 (from the actuator side). In the MSM series can be found several versions, in stock we keep 2 types – 1241.6624.x  with a ring green or red backlight (powered by 24VDC). Transparent ring from polyamide is of a neutral color (in off state of LED).

MSM series is constructed modularly, i.e. consists of the stainless steel body and the micro-switch which determines its electrical properties. MSM series can be equipped by various tact switches – 2 Types which we keep in stock are equipped with the type 1050.1151 from company Marquardt. Mid-rated force of 4,5N necessary to push the switch and the 1mm travel make these push-buttons very pleasant for handling. Gold-plated contacts of the micro-switch enable also to switch very small currents.

Detailed information will provide you the Schurter MSM datasheet.  In case of interest, please contact us at info@soselectronic.com.

Resistant and irresistibly beautiful push-buttons Schurter MSM 19 - [Link]

30 Apr 2013


Drawing only microamps (other than load current), this circuit switches in accordance with ambient light levels. Raju Baddi writes:

You can use an LED as a photoelectric sensor. A previous Design Idea shows that such a switch is highly power-efficient, consuming almost no power (Reference 1). However, you cannot adjust that configuration to switch at the desired light intensity. You can adjust the circuit in this Design Idea to any threshold level of light intensity necessary to maintain the on state of the photoelectric switch while retaining almost the same power efficiency of the original circuit

Adjust power-efficient LED switch to any light intensity – [Link]

30 Mar 2013


Switch-on, switch-off, change-over, change polarity,… all this is possible with 2-pole push-buttons switches of Unimec series.

If we design a device with push buttons, it is usually advantageous when we can use the same push-buttons, independently on whether we use them for switch-on, switch-off, change-over,… Moreover, at a modification of a given device, a possibility to change the function of a given push-button without its exchange is often highly welcome. Unimec series push-buttons easily meet these requirements for versatility, what probably was a reason why a word „Uni“ is also in the name of this series. The quality of the Unimec series is also guaranteed by the fact that company MEC from Denmark already for 75 years develops and produces top quality push-buttons.

Unimec push-buttons can be used by up to eight ways, as illustrated in the attached diagram. Unimec are available as momentary or latching and also in a standard or a high-temperature version (for operation at up to +160°C). Unimec are also available with silver-plated conacts (for currents from 0.5 mA) and also with gold-plated contacts, for currents already from 0.5 uA. Maximum current of 250mA (up to 500mA in a steady state) allows a universal usage, including a direct switching of many components, like for example latching relays. High-quality plastics, inner parts made of stainless-steel and an IP54 protection give a presumption of a long lifetime of these push-buttons.

Unimec series can be used with various key-caps without or with indication LEDs. Moreover, with the 16.250 adapter it is possible to use a wide spectrum of key-caps from the Multimec series. Detailed information will provide you the Unimec datasheet.

Selected types we keep in stock, upon request we´re able to provide you any other types of the Unimec series. In case of interest, please contact us at info@soselectronic.com.

Switches MEC Unimec switch in up to eight ways - [Link]

6 Sep 2012

A microcontroller-based voltage cutoff circuit, currently in use on several motorcycles. It is designed to monitor the voltage level for the battery, and activate an accessory circuit when the level is sufficiently high. If the level drops below a calibrated level, the accessories are cut off.

Low-Voltage Cutoff Switch - [Link]

3 Sep 2012

The TPS22966 is a small, ultra-low RON, dual channel load switch with controlled turn on. The device contains two N-channel MOSFETs that can operate over an input voltage range of 0.8V to 5.5V and can support a maximum continuous current of 6A per channel. Each switch is independently controlled by an on/off input (ON1 and ON2), which is capable of interfacing directly with low-voltage control signals. In TPS22966, a 220-Ω on-chip load resistor is added for quick output discharge when switch is turned off.

TPS22966 – 6A Dual Load Switch with Controlled Turn On - [Link]

3 Sep 2012

Reed contacts feature many properties, by which they considerably outperforms standard switching technologies. Components from company Meder electronic belong to a top in this segment.

A reed switch operates on a principle of deformation of magnetically conductive blades in a magnetic field. It can be said, that the most of reed switches outstanding properties results from the fact, that the reed themselves are small, light-weight and distant only few hundredth of milimeter (at small types). At the same time, they are hermetically sealed in a glass capsule in a vacuum, or more often – filled by an inert gas. Thanks to this construction, Meder electronic reed contacts (and on their basis produced reed relays and reed sensors) feature mainly these properties:

A reed contact can be considered to be a “sensor” controlled by a magnetic field, the most often by a permanent magnet or by a coil, creating a reed relay. Components with reed contacts can be divided to three basic groups – reed contacts, reed sensors and reed relays. Reed relays themselves, soldered into a PCB, can serve for many applications like for example a monitoring of a position (for example closing of a door, end positions of various mechanisms, …), counting of goods, etc. However, from mounting and mechanical protection point of view, in praxis the reed sensors are usually more convenient, as they are optimized exactly according for a given application. Reed relays offer all above-mentioned features of reed contacts, thus being an ideal choice for example in a measurement equipment, HF/ audio/ video and other devices with small signals, at switching of high voltages and in many other applications. Small dimensions, very low power consumption of common relays (50-125 mW), extreme reliability and a relatively low price are another arguments for usage of components from company Meder electronic.  Many useful informations can be found in documents „The Basic Reed Switch“, „Reedswitch used with permanent magnet“, „Reed Switch used as Reed Relay“ and „Parameters_of_Reed_Switch“.

Wouldn´t a reed switch suit to you? - [Link]

17 Apr 2012

Two independent touch switches housed in a single 8 pin chip. Power supply between 2V and 5V. New version 2.0 has Individually configurable momentary or latching operation.

Have you have ever wanted to add a simple touch switch to your project? Well now you can with our touch switch IC you can now add momentary or locking touch switch functionality.

Outputs can be momentary or latching

  • For momentary operation connect the CFG1 / CFG2 pin to Ground.
  • For latching operation, connect the CFG1 / CFG2 pin to +VDD.

Touch Switch IC - [Link]

14 Mar 2012

Derek Wolfe writes:

This circuit allows a simple switch or a low voltage pulse (5V for example) to control a large dc load. There’s a good explanation of MOSFET transistors and how to use them as a switch here. This is great for connecting a large load to a microcontroller or other logic circuit. Power MOSFET transistors are perfect for this application and can handle high voltage and current (100V, 77A for the NTP6411). This design would be able to power almost any load you can think of (probably even your car).

N-Ch Power MOSFET Switch - [Link]





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