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29 Sep 2014

by arduboy.com:

Featuring 3 OLED screens on a flexible circuit board, this minimalist electronic wearable is stunningly bright, likes to be touched and features a rechargeable 10 hour battery. Apologies about the hairy arms (and the dubstep)!

This is just a prototype but with a just a little more work this could easily be thinner and more attractive to wear. Be on the look out for a new version with some 3d printed parts to present a more honest take on the bracelet.

From the Makers of Arduboy: Ardubracelet – [Link]

12 Jan 2011

Wayne and Layne have adapted Myles Metzler’s Tetris clone for use on their Video Game Shield. [via]

Myles recently ported an open Tetris clone to the Arduino. We added support for the Nunchuck (so now it works with both the Nunchuck and the Classic Controller) as well as music!

Arduino Tetris on the Video Game Shield – [Link]

9 Nov 2010

This project is a LED matrix Tetris game based on NerdKit Microcontroller. It uses a 16×16 RGB LED matrix, a ATmega168P microcontroller, 74ACT04PC HEX Inverter, SN74154N 4-to-16 decoder, M74HC4094B1R – 8-bit shift registers and CD4520BE 4-bit up counter. [via]

RGB LED Tetris Game – [Link]

30 Jul 2010

PICtris project is a tetris game using dot led displays controlled by a PIC microcontroller. PIC18LF4520 is drawing 2D graphics on LED display and four buttons control and rotate the blocks. Find schematics and source code on the link below.

PICtris: Tetris on a PIC MCU – [Link]

15 Feb 2008


This article is about a Tetris game I created with an AtMega32 controlling the beam of an oscilloscope, which I very creatively named Scopetris. [via]

Scopetris – [Link]





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