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12 Feb 2012

Now you can gain selected Traco AC/DC power supplies TXL series for a lower price till stock sell-out!

TXL series is a well proven line of AC/DC enclosed power supplies from company Traco Power. With a power of 15-1000W and a robust construction for an industry usage they became a stable goods in our offer.

As the company Traco Power continuously extends its portfolio, also in the line of products new types appear, which replace older ones. This is also a case of TXL220-24S and TXL300-24S power supplies. We offer you TXL220 and TXL300 modules only till stock sell-out, then they will be replaced by TXL230-24S and TXL350-24S types. As newer types only differ by a maximum power, in applications where 220 or 300W is sufficient, you can use types TXL220 and TXL300 with an advantage of a lower price. Detailed information will provide you the TXL datasheet (Rev. 04/2010).

AC/DC modules Traco TXL220 and TXL300 for a lower price! – [Link]





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