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25 Jan 2011

Microchip Technology Inc. has a new, six-member family of 32-bit PIC32MX5/6/7 microcontrollers that provide performance specs of 1.56 DMIPS/MHz, and integrating Ethernet, CAN, USB and multiple serial communication channels, while offering more cost-effective memory options. [via]

Microchip expands 32-bit PIC(R) microcontroller line - [Link]

21 Jan 2011

Zipitbot robot uses some motors and a dsPIC microcontroller to move around. dsPIC board on top communicates with the Zipit over an I2C bus and client program is able to control the ZipitBot over a wifi link. There is also a USB webcam attached. [via]

Zipitbot: Zipit based robot – [Link]

18 Jan 2011

electronics-diy.com writes:

Measurement of transmitter output RF power has never been easier and more precise. AD8307 USB 0-500MHz RF Power Meter allows to measure the power of transmitters from 1nW to 2W. Output is displayed in dBm, Watts (nW, uW, mW and W range) as well as input voltage. USB RF Power Meter is based on popular AD8307 watt meter IC and PIC18F2550 microcontroller. Instead of using LCD display module the meter connects to a PC via USB port and displays measurements on a computer via USB RF Power Meter software.

0-500MHz RF USB Power Meter using AD8307 – [Link]

18 Jan 2011

Microchip has a new USB->serial converter chip called the MCP2200. dangerousprototypes.com suspected they made this chip from a 20-pin PIC so they decided to check it out. They concluded that MCP2200 pinout is like other PIC uCs, and it has similar reset pin and internal voltage regulator circuits. They write:

We hooked up our trusty PICKIT3 and read the device ID. The MCP2200 was recognized as a PIC 18F14K50! Save a few pennies if you need a 18F14K50 and buy the MCP2200 instead, the MCP2200 is currently cheaper than the blank PIC!

Open source USB stack on MCP2200 – [Link]

18 Jan 2011

The MCP2200 is a new USB to serial converter chip from Microchip. This MCP2200 breakout board brings all the pins to bread board friendly headers.

  • USB CDC virtual serial port interface
  • Secondary HID configuration interface
  • Up to 8 additional IO
  • 256bytes user EEPROM
  • TX/RX indicator LEDs
  • All pins to bread-board friendly header
  • Open source (CC-0)

Get the MCP2200 breakout for $15 at Seeed Studio.

MCP2200 USB to Serial breakout board – [Link]

15 Jan 2011

If you have a blog or any other kind of website then this is for you. It’s a little box that connects to the internet and displays how many visits you have on your website. It’s designed to work independently of your computer, connecting directly to the internet via your router. Mine even steals power from one of the routers USB ports.

EGO BOX: a physical website visits display – [Link]

15 Jan 2011

This project shows how to connect an Apple data bus (ADB) keyboard to your PCs USB port. Source code is available at Github. [via]

ADB to USB keyboard converter – [Link]

15 Jan 2011

dangerousprototypes.com forum member Honken released an open source USB firmware for PIC microcontrollers. [via]

Open source PIC USB stack – [Link]

12 Jan 2011

Dan Reetz hates it when manufacturers don’t use standard connectors on their devices, so he hacked his Casio EX-FH100 and EX-F1 Shutter Release/Video/USB cable to find the pinout. [via]

Casio EX-FH100 and EX-F1 Shutter Release/Video/USB Pinout – [Link]

10 Jan 2011

The Virtual USB Analyzer is a free and open source tool for visualizing logs of USB packets, from hardware or software USB sniffer tools. It provides a graphical visualization along with raw hex dumps and high-level protocol analysis. The Analyzer is NOT a hardware USB analyzer or USB sniffer: it is an interface for visualizing USB logs. [via]

Virtual USB Analyzer – [Link]





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