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14 Feb 2015

by Henry Tonoyan @ htonoyan.blogspot.gr:

Last week I had the idea to create a last-minute valentine’s day gift for my girlfriend. I had a bunch of WS2812 LEDs from my previous endeavors and decided to make a big LED heart. These are a great choice because of the very minimal amount of components necessary: no I/O expanders, driving transistors or ICs necessary. Plus you just need one I/O line from your microcontroller to drive them.

Since they run off 5V, I planned to create a board that is powered from a wall-wart power supply. That way the board doesn’t even need a voltage regulator on it. I chose to use an ATMega48 because I have several from previous projects.

A Valentine’s Day Surprise – [Link]

14 Feb 2014

Here is a very nice build of a LED heart that creates incredible animations. Check it out.

Today we present the perfect Valentine gadget: just shake it and it will turn on and crate incredible light animations. That will be cool for sure!

We know that, as it’s Valentine’s Day, looking at the device described in this post you’ll be inclined to think that this is the usual heart-shaped Valentine gadget: in reality this is something much cooler as it’s capable to create beautiful and complex light games. Is based on the smallest microcontroller manufactured by Atmel: the ATtiny85.

Hack your Valentine with HeartThrob – [Link]

15 Feb 2012

Will Lyon writes:

I wanted to do something unique and special this year for my wife for Valentine’s Day. I was browsing the web and came across this Instructable and I knew I had to make one! I decided to make one, but put my own special twist on it. Read more…

I decided to make it do a color rainbow with some RGB LEDs rather than sit a single color for all eternity. In addition I wanted a speed control to adjust the speed of the rainbow cycle and also a manual mode where the user can manually change values for red, green and blue to get any color they so desire.

I pieced together some code I found (here – analog rainbow code) and edited it to my liking, adding the analog read for the manual values and also analog read for the speed in auto mode. You can download the finished code here (.ino – Arduino 1.0 or later – not compatible with the PDE system). It works very well.

Valentine’s Day RGB LED Mixer – [Link]

22 Mar 2011

This is a LED Heart Valentine, but instructions are not in English. [via]

LED Heart Valentine – [Link]

15 Feb 2008



These LED people blink in each other’s arms. Project schematic included. [via]

Valentine LED people – [Link]

13 Feb 2008


What’s the perfect gift for the special someone that puts up with a soldering iron in the kitchen and little bits of wire underfoot? How about this touch activated, pulsating LED heart? This geeky Valentine’s Day card pays homage to the musical greeting cards that are popular this time of year. This isn’t just for Valentine’s Day — it’s a simple heart, so give it to your loved one any time of the year. You can also make your own shapes using the same basic circuit. [via]

Touch activated LED valentine – [Link]





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