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10 Jul 2013


Raul from Coding Laboratory has designed a DIY ECG project using an Arduino and Xoscillo:

To display the wave I am using XOSCILLO, a very cool and open source tool (which I wrote :P) that converts your Arduino into an oscilloscope.


Minimal ECG using an Arduino and Xoscillo – [Link]

13 Oct 2010

Xoscillo is a software oscilloscope that acquires data using an Arduino or a parallax.


  • Panoramic view
  • Load and save waveforms
  • Zoom in and out
  • Can open several waveforms at the same time
  • Can run several oscilloscopes simultaneously
  • Frequency analysis using FFT
  • Works on Windows and Linux (needs mono)
  • Autodetects the hardware

Xoscillo: Arduino software oscilloscope – [Link]





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