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23 Sep 2013


Lantronix xPico WiFi module enables to directly configure a target device via a software access point – without a need to access a client´s network. 

Lantronix xPico WiFi is a new module with a dual serial port (+USB 2.0, + SPI) enabling to connect target devices into WiFi network with several features making it user very friendly. xPico WiFi is of the same miniature size like its near familiar – xPico (ethernet), which was introduced to you in the article „Do you need a chip-sized Ethernet ?” and it also has the same pinout, offering an unusual flexibility at the device designing.

As we´re already used to at products from company Lantronix – for a real usage it isn´t necessary to write a single row of code neither load any drivers. Perhaps the biggest advantage of the new module is, that it provides a simultaneous software AP (Access Point) with a DHCP server and Client mode, what means, that besides operation in WiFi as a “usual” client, it also enables a direct access – communication with other WiFi device, e,g, tablet or smartphone. It provides a huge advantage to producers regarding configuration or servicing of devices in a form of a direct access ONLY to a given device, without a need to access into a customer´s network. Safety is cared by 256 bit AES encryption and a reliable operation is guaranteed in a wide industrial operating range -40…+85°C. The module is supplied by 3.3V and serial ports are 5V tolerant. Thanks to a low power consumption can be the xPico WiFi operated even from batteries (6uA standby).

Detailed information will provide you the xPico WiFi brochure, xPico WiFi user guide and xPico integration guide. For development support there´s also available the xPico WiFi development kit.
xPico WiFi will be on stock within a few days. In case of interest, please contact us at info@soselectronic.com.

xPico WiFi is a dream come true for producers and customers – [Link]

21 Sep 2013


This is a simple TRIAC AC load dimmer used to control the power of a resistive load such as incandescent lamp or heater element. The max load it can handle is 400VA. Such a circuit is often found on cheap commercial light dimmers and is proven to work reliable for the rated power.

400VA AC Light Dimmer - [Link]

20 Sep 2013


Carolyn Mathas writes:

There’s a new high-density class of CXA arrays from Cree that doubles the lumen density for next-gen LED spotlights. The CXA 1520 is the first HD Array announced under the breakthrough technology. It enables lighting manufacturers to create products that deliver the same intensity and light quality as 39W ceramic metal halide (CMH) at up to 50% lower power.

Cree rolls LEDs with double lumen density and 50% less power - [Link]


19 Sep 2013


Hemal Chevli blogged about his transistor tester project:

It has mega-8 as the brain, lcd to show specs of the transistor like which pin is which, what type of transistor it is eg NPN,PNP, N-MOSFET,P-MOSFET, etc., many components can be tested like different types of transistor, diodes, resistors etc, the good thing about this is that it also shows which leg is which, no need to open the data sheet

Transistor tester project - [Link]

19 Sep 2013


Traditionally, you would need to install an IDE, which includes all the necessary software, find and install the correct drivers, set permissions, etc. It can take 10-60 minutes. Or it can be a total mess.

With codebender, you can program your Arduino straight from your browser. No need to find, install, update and manage libraries and drivers. codebender does that for you. Just install our browser plugin and follow our Getting Started guide. From having an Arduino, to having a programmed Arduino. In mere minutes.

After installing the pluggin, you can flash any codebender sketch to your device. See the code bellow? You could load that to your device, straight from this page!


Codebender web-based Arduino coding tool - [Link]

19 Sep 2013

Clive Maxfield writes:

OMG! All the electronic and mechanical engineers I know (and even most of the marketing folks) are going to squeal like schoolgirls when they get their sticky little hands on this amazing, free 3D design software that will enable conceptualization and rapid prototyping, reduce costs, and dramatically accelerate product development. In short, this software is like a “Gift of invention that will bring your ideas to life!”

Quiet down my racing heart! I just heard the most amazing “hot-off-the-press” news. In just a few days as I pen these words, all of us who wish to will be able to design 3D models, assemblies, and enclosures for our designs using some incredibly intuitive, fully-featured 3D modeling software. And, best of all, it’s free! (And when I say “free” I really mean free, as in free for both commercial and non-commercial use with no limitations or licensing.)

Allied/RS Bring Free 3D Design Software to Everyone on the Planet! - [Link]

19 Sep 2013

Axialsensex600by Steve Taranovich:

Texas Instruments designers have developed an entirely new data converter with the LDC1000 inductance-to-digital converter (LDC) designed specifically for inductive sensing applications.

The LDC uniquely combines all of the external circuitry on chip that is normally required to simultaneously measure the impedance and resonant frequency of an LC resonator. It then regulates the oscillation amplitude in a closed loop to a constant level, while it monitors the dissipated energy of the resonator. This leads the accurate measurement of inductance of the front-end LC circuit, which enables precise measurement of linear/angular position, displacement, motion, compression, vibration, metal composition and new applications which will be conceived by designers. All of this can be done in the presence of oil, dust, dirt and moisture unlike most other solutions.

LDC1000 – Texas Instruments inductance to digital converter (LDC) - [Link]

19 Sep 2013


Gio Militano writes:

Until recenty my desktop computer has always shared a room with a Hi-Fi setup so there has never been a need for using decent speakers with the computer. When the desktop computer was moved into it’s own room (with no HiFi) I quickly realized that good speakers were now required for decent quality music playback. I had been using some low cost Radio Shack speakers with an inexpensive Tripath based amplifier and I was really itching for an upgrade.

Fostex FE103En Bass Reflex Bookshelf Speakers - [Link]

17 Sep 2013


Anthony H Smith writes:

The circuit in Figure 1 lets you switch high-voltage power to a grounded load with a low-voltage control signal. The circuit also functions as a submicrosecond circuit breaker that protects the power source against load faults. Power switches to the load when you apply a logic-level signal to the output control terminal. When the signal is lower than 0.7V, transistor Q3 is off and the gate of P-channel MOSFET Q4 pulls up to the positive supply through R6, thus holding Q4 off. During this off condition, the circuit’s quiescent-current drain is 0A.

Inexpensive power switch includes submicrosecond circuit breaker - [Link]

17 Sep 2013


Electric Imp Solar Powered Temperature Logger

The first hack I did with the imp was a solar powered temperature logger using a TMP36 sensor and send the data to ThingSpeak

Electric Imp Solar Powered Temperature Logger - [Link]





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