SMD Soldering Reflow Oven


Here is a nice tutorial on how to build your own reflow soldering oven using ControLeo2 reflow oven controller.

This particular instructable is based on the ControLeo2 reflow oven controller by Peter Easton. This is by far the best I’ve come across and the software is fully open source. It can control up to 4 solid state relays (SSRs), a servo motor (to open the door for cooling at the end of reflow process) and a buzzer. Most impressive is that it is self-learning. That means, it can adapt to your oven heating elements and their behavior. Thanks Peter for putting this out there! The electronics hardware design is based off Brian Barrett’s design. He is super helpful and I suggest reading his build guide (multiple times). Thanks Brian! 🙂

SMD Soldering Reflow Oven – [Link]

Signal strength indicator for the ESP8266


A simple signal strength indicator for the ESP8266 and 128 x 32 OLED Display This is a simple Arduino IDE sketch that displays the RSSI, BSSID and signal “bars” of a given SSID

Signal strength indicator for the ESP8266 – [Link]


1.3V – 15.5V @ 2 Amps Power Supply


Here is a low cost and easy to build power supply based on a some Chinese DC-DC converter modules:

This is a small size power supply with low cost and easy to make that only taking about 5 more hours. I was very happy with it and would share with you.

Power Supply Specifications

Input: 5v-16v/3A DC

Output: 1.3V – 15.5V/2 Amps

1.3V – 15.5V @ 2 Amps Power Supply – [Link]

AC Motor Speed Controller using U2008B


This low cost current feedback phase control AC motor driver based on U2008 IC, The U2008B is designed as a phase control circuit in bipolar technology. It enables load-current detection as well as mains-compensated phase control. Motor control with load-current feedback and overload protection are preferred application.


  • Supply In-put: 230V AC
  • Load: Up to 500W (Triac Required Heat sink for Higher Load)
  • Jumper J1 Selection: A-Load Current Compensation or B-Soft Start
  • PR1: Preset for Phase Control ( Ramp Current Adjustment)
  • P1 : Potentiometer Set Point

AC Motor Speed Controller using U2008B – [Link]

Counterfeit Macbook charger teardown


Ken Shirriff @ has done a detailed teardown of a counterfeit macbook charger and show us the difference from a genuine one and why this can be dangerous. He writes:

What’s inside a counterfeit Macbook charger? After my Macbook charger teardown, a reader sent me a charger he suspected was counterfeit. From the outside, this charger is almost a perfect match for an Apple charger, but disassembling the charger shows that it is very different on the inside. It has a much simpler design that lacks quality features of the genuine charger, and has major safety defects.

Counterfeit Macbook charger teardown – [Link]

BIG Clock Made From Six 3″ 7-Segment LCDs


Pierre Muth build a nice big clock using 3″ 7-segment LCD displays. The clock is driven by a PIC18F87K90 and a few other components are used. He writes:

We need clocks. Once you have passionate activities which absorbs all your attention, if you want to keep contact with the social society surrounding you, it’s crucial to know when we are.

BIG Clock Made From Six 3″ 7-Segment LCDs – [Link]

Raspberry Pi Zero digital frame


Francesco @ show use how to use the Raspberry Pi Zero to build a digital frame. Actually he show us how to use it as a USB storage device on an existing digital frame.

Raspberry Pi Zero digital frame – [Link]

Extensive Interactive Whiteboard Pen & Receiver Teardown Analysis

Micah Elizabeth Scott @ writes:

My friends at Tangible Interaction sent some electronic whiteboard hardware to take apart. In this video I’ll start to look at the transmitters, receivers, and communication protocol.

Extensive Interactive Whiteboard Pen & Receiver Teardown Analysis – [Link]

ChipStick – A small scale experimental Forth machine


Ken Boak discuss about his ChipStick PCB build:

The ChipStick design has the following features:
MSP430FR2433 with 15.5K FRAM and 4K SRAM
External SRAM or FRAM device connected via SPI on USCI B0
CH340G USB to serial converter IC on detachable section of board
3V3 voltage regulator
Reset Switch and User LED
20 Pin DIL footprint to allow insertion into G2 Launchpad socket
Programmable by SBW or BSL

ChipStick – A small scale experimental Forth machine – [Link]

How Apple recycles iphones

Apple has designed a robotic arm that is able to teardown iphone and other electronics devices and recycle their components. What the video!

How Apple recycles iphones – [Link]