Bomist – Parts Inventory and BOM Management for Electronics

Bomist – Parts Inventory and BOM Management for Electronics


It all started a few years ago with Component Organizer, than BOMER and it’s now called BOMIST. The software runs locally, so no server nor setup required and you can have as many databases as you want (just run as many instances of BOMIST as you want). Additionally, it is integrated with Octopart, meaning you get plenty of useful real-time data: datasheets, descriptions, package names, values, prices as well as other useful information are automatically fetched online. Also, importing data into BOMIST is VERY easy which means you’ll get up and running in no time. BOMIST will keep improving, many new features are already inline and your feedback is always greatly appreciated. Give it a try, it’s FREE.


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  • rkondner
    7 November, 2017 at 5:57 pm

    I love to see additional tools for managing BOMs and parts lists. In general CAD tools do a terrible job and in real life data must flow between multiple systems. Purchasing Assembly and Storage for example. There are many possible solutions from Excel to PartSync.The app Parts & Vendors was a great app but I don’t think it is available any longer.

    Lots of assembly houses want to do the complete turnkey job as it make them more money and it provides batter organized kits of parts. But as an engineer with maybe 30 different active designs I really need to maintain a supply of material and keeping that organized required storage and labeling. And if you want to support bar codes on that labeling it is another big tasis. If you want to go that deep into organizing material and bar codes you need tools.

    Bob K.

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