Calunium: An ATMega1284 Arduino Clone


Calunium: An ATMega1284 Arduino Clone – [via]

Whoa! Steve Marple has created Calunium, an Arduino clone built around the ATMega644/1284 chip. In addition to the larger memory and I/O that the ’1284 provides, he’s also integrated a DS1307 real-time clock and coin cell on-board, and broken out the footprint for an LM61 temp sensor. This is a really interesting project, and a nice looking one, too!

You can check out more details at his blog, including posts about building your own Calunium with strip board and the differences between the Calunium and Arduino.

Calunium is Open Source Hardware, and you can get the board and schematic files over on GitHub.

Calunium: An ATMega1284 Arduino Clone – [Link]

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