Cmoy Headphone Amplifier Kit



The cMoy is a headphone amplifier kit based around a single dual-channel opamp, suitable for use with portable audio equipment, smartphones, computers etc. It is based on a design well-known in the DIY Audio community. Akafugu writes:

We’ve partnered up with Praktisk Audio, a newly launched audio brand and made it into an open source hardware kit that is easy to assemble for anyone looking for a starting point into the world of DIY audio.We use high-quality parts sourced in Japan, including Rubycon capacitors and a NJM4556AD opamp. The potentiometer is a 10kΩ ALPS potentiometer with built-in on/off switch.The cMoy comes as a kit, and includes the PCB board and all the components you need.No amplifier would be complete without an enclosure, so we are offering a choice of two beautiful aluminum enclosures. Both are Made in Japan by the company Takachi.The standard enclosure is in aluminum with custom-made black acrylic front panels. The deluxe enclosure comes with beautiful custom-cut aluminum front and back panels with high-quality silk screen.

Cmoy Headphone Amplifier Kit – [Link]


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