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Once again, the Trossen Robotics Community came through with some amazing ideas. This is our fourth contest we have ran and are very excited to announce the winners of this round’s Trossen Robotics contest. This time around, we extended the deadline and upped the prizes. In case you’re new to the Trossen Robotics Community (TRC), here’s a quick overview on how this contest works:

A wide range of talented and dedicated people come to our Project Showcase forum to show off a project they’ve been working on. Periodically, we, the Trossen Robotics team, sort through these projects, and score them very “scientifically” in the following categories:

  • “Wow” factor
  • Ingenuity
  • Creativity
  • Presentation (graphics, videos, documentation, explanation, etc.).

This round ended up being the toughest yet on voting. There were soo many incredible projects from community members. We run this contest to help promote and encourage innovation and ingenuity. People are allowed to submit a wide range of projects ranging from robotics, automation, art, RFID, DIY, mods, inventions, and anything else demonstrating some form of technological creativity.

Read all about the winners and their projects in our Blog: If all goes as planned, the next contest (which is already underway) will conclude at the end of May 2008. You can stay up to date on contest rules and regulations at the Trossen Robotics Project Contest page , and start posting your projects in our Project Showcase Forum.

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