LT8335 – Converter minimizes quiescent current

LT8335 – Converter minimizes quiescent current


Outfitted with a 2-A, 28-V power switch, the LT8335 2-MHz step-up DC/DC converter from Linear Technology operates from an input of 3 V to 25 V, suitable for applications with input sources ranging from a single-cell lithium-ion battery to automotive inputs.

The LT®8335 is a current mode DC/DC converter capable of generating either positive or negative output voltages using a single feedback pin. It can be configured as a boost, SEPIC or inverting converter consuming as low as 6μA of quiescent current. Low ripple Burst Mode operation maintains high efficiency down to very low output currents while keeping the output ripple below 15mV in a typical application. The internally compensated current mode architecture results in stable operation over a wide range of input and output voltages. Integrated soft-start and frequency foldback functions are included to control inductor current during start-up. The 2MHz operation combined with the small 8-lead DFN package, enables low cost, area efficient solutions.

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