Create NTSC video output from CPLDs and FPGAs


PyroElectro shows how to make NTSC video with a FPGA: [via]

NTSC video is a standard that has been around almost as long as black and white TVs. It’s a true analog standard, but we can use digital FPGA signals to create NTSC. This tutorial shows you how to output simple NTSC video to your TV.

McZ ported it to a CoolRunner-II CPLD:

I was able to get it to compile with the XC2C256-6-VQ100 device. Anything smaller did not have enough resources. The original project was done with a Virtex FPGA. I did not do anything to the original vhd file which is one of the nice features of VHDL. All I had to do is create a new project, select the device and add the ntsc_TOP source to the project. Simple! Obviously the pinout changes.

Create NTSC video output from CPLDs and FPGAs – [Link]

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