Debounced breadboard keypad


phirephly build a debounced breadboard keypad:

I’ve been getting tired of having to wire up buttons and paste in debounce code (or wire up debouncers for TTL projects) every time I want any kind of user input.

I was browsing around Maxim’s site, when I stumbled upon the MAX6816-6818 series of button debouncers. These are single, dual, and octal channel debouncers. Attached is the design files for a simple eight-button breakout board for the MAX6818 designed to be plugged into a breadboard. In addition to the eight active-low debounced outputs, the edge connector includes an active-low button-change interrupt, and an active low enable input, which can be optionally solder-jumpered on, if the button outputs don’t need to be tri-stated.

Debounced breadboard keypad – [Link]

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