Don’t let LEDs stand out of the panel


To achieve a more aesthetic panel of your device, you can use flat top LED diodes Kingbright!

We´d like to focus your attention to well-proven flat top LED diodes intended mainly for indication on various controlling and indicating panels. In comparison to standard types with a half-ball top, these types offer a significantly more aesthetic solution when used in front panels.

Advantages / Features:

  1. aesthetic solution for front panels
  2. available in 5mm, 3mm and 2mm diameters
  3. very good visibility even from angles
  4. low power consumption

From the most used cylindrical types, we keep in stock types with a diameter of 5 mm, 3 mm, as well as miniature ones with a diameter of only 2 mm. All offered types have diffused plastic packages, thus they feature a good visibility even from high viewing angles.

Don´t let LEDs stand out of the panel – [Link]

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