Filter Designer

Filter Designer calculates multistage active filters. Convenience, visibility and ability to find an optimal solution in minimum time.

RTA Audio Analyzer

The program for Android devices is a spectrum analyzer. It should be noted that the vast majority of Android devices do not contain high-quality microphones with a linear characteristic over the entire range of sound frequencies, so professional use of such programs is out of the question. Very much will depend on the microphone used in the phone or tablet. However, in some cases, such software can be useful, for example, to adjust the frequency of the sound separation or to match the signal levels in car audio, coarse tuning of musical instruments, etc.

Circuit Calculator

Circuit Calculator is a program for Android for engineers and radio amateurs for convenient, visual and fast calculation of analog circuits.


EveryCircuit is a computer simulator that allows you to simulate the operation of a small electronic circuit, plus a database (DB) of system users and their developments with publishing capabilities. Functionally, the simulator works with SPICE-models of radio elements and is not much different from similar programs. A distinctive feature of the system is the possibility of its work on all types of computing equipment.

Droid tesla

Droid Tesla allows you to emulate the following sources of current / voltage: a source of constant current and voltage; sources of alternating current and voltage; CCCS, CCVS, VCCS, VCVS - controlled current and voltage sources; triangular pulse generator; square wave generator.

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