Circuit Design - Simulation

TopSpice 8
Author : Penzar Development
Licence Type : Trial
Size : 13 MB
Hits : 1635
Description : TopSpice is a true analog/digital/behavioral mixed-mode circuit simulator for the PC. It offers the most advanced SPICE simulator in its price range, compatibility, and an easy to use integrated design environment from schematic capture to graphical waveform analysis.
Author : Emag Technologies
Licence Type : Trial
Size : -
Hits : 1265
Description : B2.Spice A/D Circuit Simulation Software
Author : AnaSoft Ltd
Licence Type : Trial
Size : 12.4 MB
Hits : 931
Description : Analogue Simulation With Schematic Capture And Waveform Display for Windows XP-Vista-Windows 7. SuperSpice is analogue design and simulation software that has been designed from the ground up to meet the requirements of professional analog design engineers for both integrated circuit and board level applications, at an unparalleled level of affordability.
NI Multisim
Author : National Instruments
Licence Type : Trial
Size : 397.9 MB
Hits : 1745
Description : Multisim is an industry-standard, best-in-class SPICE simulation environment. It is the cornerstone of the NI circuits teaching solution to build expertise through practical application in designing, prototyping, and testing electrical circuits. The Multisim design approach helps you save prototype iterations and optimize printed circuit board (PCB) designs earlier in the process.
Digital Logic Design
Author : Drmajidn
Licence Type : Freeware
Size : 0.32 MB
Hits : 2219
Description : Digital Logic Design is a Software tool for designing and simulating digital circuits. It provides digital parts ranging from simple gates to Arithmetic Logic Unit. In this software, circuit can easily be converted into a reusable Module. A Module may be used to built more complex circuits like CPU. The circuit working can be analyzed by using output parts like LEDs, Seven Segment Display and Digital Oscilloscope etc. provided in the software. This Software may be used by professionals, hobbyists and students alike. The teachers may incorporate this software in their courses like Digital Logic and Computer Design, Computer Architecture, Computer Organization and Embedded Systems.