Circuit Design - Simulation

Digital Works
Author : Mecanique
Licence Type : Freeware
Size : 8.2 MB
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Description : Digital Works is a graphical design tool that enables you to construct digital logic circuits and to analyse their behaviour through simulation. Circuits can be composed of simple gates (AND, OR, NAND, NOR, XOR, XNOR, NOT) and simple flip-flops (D, RS and JK). You can also use tri-state and memory devices to construct systems with buses. Digital Works also provides mechanisms for detecting race conditions and bus contention. Input to the circuit can be achieved using switches, clocks, sequence generators and interactive input devices. Output can be viewed using LED, 7 segment LED and numeric devices. You can also view a history of logic events using the logic history window. Counters, shift registers, data registers, drivers and more are available from the parts center.
Electronic Circuit Designer
Author : -
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Licence Type : Freeware
Size : 0.16 MB
Hits : 1659
Description : The only think you have to do is to put the desired values and the the program will design the circuit. It can design active-passive filters, power supplies, operational amplifiers, 555 timer circuits, basic electronics, communication electronics and attenuator pads.