Electronics Components Organizer

Component Organizer (or CO for short) is a small, cross-platform and very easy to use application targeted at all those people who have electronics as (at least) an hobby. It’s main purpose is to avoid to google for the same datasheet hundreds of times or “hey I know I already downloaded that datasheet but I can’t find it now on my computer”, so you spend less time gathering information and have more time to look at the hardware. Software not maintained any more.

BOMER - Parts Inventory and BOM Management

BOMER - Parts Inventory and BOM Management Software

Hobbyist Electronic Inventory SysTem

The Windows Hobbyist Electronic Inventory System or WinHesit is an electronics component organizer on steroids that was developed with the electronic hobbyist in mind. Designed to be light weight, responsive and most of all easy to use it also allows a lot of information to be optionally entered for those that need to store more data that is to be associated with the component. WinHeist can be used right out of the box or customized to work the way you work. A database of common parts is provided to get you started but configuring the application to your specifications is easy and once configured the settings can be saved so that all future DBs can use the same settings.


TimingEditor is a tool to graphically draw and edit timing diagrams.

Parallel Port Control

This is a generic parallel port interface control designed for the Parallel Port Interface on my circuits page. It performs output and input functions. This was written in Visual Basic, so it requires VBRUN300.DLL. If you don't have it, then you can download it then copy it to your \windows\system directory. I do not give away the source code for this program

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