PCB Design

PCB Panelizer & Gerber Tool Suite
Author : Stijn Kuipers
Licence Type : Freeware
Size : 10.7 MB
Hits : 260
Description : Tools to load/edit/create/panelizer sets of gerber files
BMP to PCB Converter
Author : Paul D. Fincato
Website :
Licence Type : Freeware
Size : 0.24 MB
Hits : 1841
Description : This program was designed to allow importing of bitmap images onto a Protel PCB. The ouput of this program is a generic Protel PCB file. Simply open this PCB design in the PCB editor, select and copy this area. Then paste the image onto your circuit board design.
Kicad StepUp
Author : easyw @ sourceforge.net
Licence Type : Freeware
Size : 7.1 MB
Hits : 1253
Description : kicad StepUp: a new approach to export kicad board and modules in STEP AP214 (with colors). With kicad StepUp, it is possible to work in kicad EDA with the same component model data available in the STEP AP214 3D format, and obtain a 3D STEP AP214 model of the pcb board and a complete board assembles with electronic modules, to be used for MCAD interchange. The accurate 3D visualization of components on board assembles in kicad 3dviewer, is maintained in the same accuracy and aspect in STEP AP214 format. The kicad StepUp script maintains the usual way to work with kicad, but improves the process to work in a collaborative way with mechanical designers bringing near ECAD and MCAD environments.
Author : Cadint
Licence Type : Demo
Size : - MB
Hits : 564
Description : Our Hierarchical Schematic capture is second to none. .Unlimited capabilities include multi−bus structure with 99 different bus names, different widths for different buses. You can trace a signal throughout the entire design including systems schematic which has purchased parts. (Cables, other PCBbd’s etc.)
Licence Type : Freeware
Size : 8.2 MB
Hits : 919
Description : Try out CADint or design hobby projects for free. With CADint Freeware you get all the power of CADint PCB for small projects. Layouts are limited to 100 pads and schematic diagrams are limited to 350 nodes.