Smartphone Service Manuals


Linux SDL/ImGui edition software for viewing .brd files, intended as a drop-in replacement for the "Test_Link" software and "Landrex". Features: Dynamic part outline rendering, including complex connectors Annotations, for leaving notes about parts, nets, pins or location Configurable colour themes Configurable DPI to facilitate usage on 4K monitors Tablet usage with OSD controls Slower CPU systems through adjustable features Reads FZ (with key), BRD, BRD2, BDV and BV* formats Combined search system finds parts, pins and nets all within single search

FlexBV - Board View for Professionals

FlexBV is a commercial expansion from the existing Open-Source OpenBoardView. This expansion brings PDF cross referencing between BoardViews and Schematics, something which has long been desired and provides an immediate boost in repair productivity. FlexBV is being sold on a perpetual licence model, single-seat with free upgrades for 12 months. The usage licence is similar to that which Borland Pascal/C++ used to use; it is like a book. You can take it to many places, but only one use concurrently. Single license cost is $79.00 USD. Currently Windows 7, 8 and 10 release is available, along with macOS 10.12+ and Linux Debian, RPM and plain binary.

ZXW Smart Schematics

ZXW Smart Schematics supports many types of smartphones. You can view a list of supported devices on the purchase link. The software costs $69 per year and is available here: The dongle acts as a security key for the downloadable software.

Easy Draw Smartphone Schematic Diagrams

Easy Draw Smartphone Schematic Diagrams. Features: No need for the annoying dongle anymore, works with user name & password, English Interface, More frequent diagrams updates, More stable and better server, Free refund within one week from the day of activation. The software costs $64 per year and is available on

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