Electronic Temperature Controlled Relay


The heart of the circuit is the LM35 temperature sensor which is factory-calibrated in the Celsius (or Centigrade) scale with a linear Degree->Volt conversion function. The output voltage changes with temperature from 550mV (-55oC) to 1500mV (150oC). This greatly simplifies the thermostat designed only need to provide a precision voltage reference (TL431) and an accurate comparator (A1 of LM358) in order to construct a complete thermostat.

Electronic Temperature Controlled Relay – [Link]

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  1. I built this thermostat to use it an incubatorit work well with an incandescent buld,but when I used an infrared electric tube(250 watts)it goes off for the first time at the given thempreature,back to on and it remain on.what is the problem note that I used 5kohms for variable resistance and 5.2mega ohms for R2.please help me.THANKS

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