Enhance your device with ethernet while you wait and now also for free!


For ten of you, we prepared samples of the Lantronix xDirect module. It is a complete solution of Ethernet connectivity of a serial device to LAN – directly, without intervention to a device. 

The new module – serial / LAN communication interface incorporated into a cable, brings the most simple possible solution how to connect any device with a serial interface with a DB9 connector (RS232, RS422, RS485) into a LAN and use all advantages of a remote access, data acquisition etc.

xDirect can be powered through a DB9 connector, miniUSB-B connector or also via (Power over ethernet). Similarly like Lantronix xPort, even xDirect contains a built-in web-server enabling access and configuration of a device via a standard web browser on a PC, smartphone or a tablet tablet.

xDirect is available in 3 versions:

One Response on “Enhance your device with ethernet while you wait and now also for free!

  1. Serial to Ethernet with a web server? Other than the nice packaging, what does this do that couldn’t be done on a Raspberry Pi?

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