eOscope – LCD Oscilloscope 40MSPS



 That’s one of the best DIY oscilloscopes that can be found on the internet. eOscope has 40 Mega samples per second sample rate. This LCD based oscilloscope has a resolution of the trace displayed on the screen 200×125. The heart of eOscope is ATMega162 from Atmel and the display is a LMG6402PFLR from Hitachi. According to author the features are:


  • Maximum sample frequency: 40MSPS
  • Maximum input frequency: 5MHz
  • Maximum displayed frequency without aliasing: 10MHz
  • Input circuit bandwidth: 20MHz
  • Display resolution: 240×128 total, trace resolution 200×125
  • Sensitivity: 40mV/div
  • Coupling: DC
  • Input impedance: 10K
  • Power supply: single DC source 8V..10V, 1A
  • No incremental mode
  • Time base: 1s/div, 500ms/div, 200ms/div, 100ms/div, 50ms/div/, 20ms/div, 10ms/div, 5ms/div, 2ms/div, 1ms/div, 500us/div, 200us/div, 100us/div, 50us/div, 20us/div, 10us/div, 5us/div, 2us/div, 1us/div, 500ns/div
  • Trigger: digitally adjustable
  • Trace offset: digitally adjustable

eOscope – LCD Oscilloscope 40MSPS – [Link]

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