Excellent results even in high frequencies with Fastron SMT inductors


For the growing interest about miniature SMT inductors, we bring you series of Fastron SMT inductors 0805AS and 0805F. These are quality wire-wound components, suitable even for very high frequencies.

It isn´t very long ago, when the best high frequency inductor was a relatively big coil with the air core, created only by few turns of the copper wire. Partially it is still true, as the laws of the physics don´t change, but in respect to nowadays miniaturisation requirements, the usage of SMT coils is in many applications more convenient. Moreover, miniature coils feature much smaller mutual influence caused by their own magnetic field, what enables to further miniaturize dimensions of a device. Last but not least, an inductor is a very effective, almost lossless filter, on the places we need to eliminate interference, or to prevent its penetration into other parts of a device. That´s why is their usage as an LC filter actual in almost every device with processors, logic gates and similar components.

Fastron 0805AS are coils with the ceramic core, which has properties – from a magnetic aspect, very near to the air, that´s why this series has a relatively high Q factor, high self resonant frequency and a high linearity. They are available in inductances from few nH up to 10 uH. Thanks to their very good HF properties, they are also suitable into various HF parts of receivers, transmitters, circuits for signal processing, input stages of AD converters, HF filters etc., up to frequencies of few GHz. Fastron 0805F are inductors with the ferrite core, thanks to which they reach relatively high inductance, at a low turns count. Thanks to a low turns count, have these inductors high SRF even at relatively high inductances and also they have a low DC resistance. They are ideally suitable for noise suppression purposes (decoupling), various filters, for digital circuits and many other.

Thanks to a low value tolerancy of these coils, it is possible to reach a very good repeatability of parameters in mass production of your devices. A big portion of AS series, we can deliver even in only 2% tolerancy, which will meet even very stringent requirements for attunement accuracy of LC circuits, filters, bandpasses etc. Fastron 0805 AS and F have an epoxy moulded flat top side, protecting a winding at manipulation and enabling an exact pick and place assembly. Further information about these inductors will provide you the Fastron – technical data document. Selected values are on stock, upon request we can provide you any other value.

Excellent results even in high frequencies with Fastron SMT inductors – [Link]

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