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I have a Samsung phone battery charger that charges a 3.8V li-ion battery. I want to recycle it into a portable power bank so I can use it to output power and charge my new phone through micro USB cable. I know that I would have to put a female end USB and attach it to the case somehow, but what else do I need to do?
I have a little bit of electronic experience but I'm still a novice. Thanks for the help guys
Theory articles / Unity in an Oscillator circuit.
« Last post by Dammy on April 27, 2015, 05:24:53 PM »
Please pals, what is the meaning of "unity" in an oscillator circuit?...
Can it be determine by the components values?
Don't describe what you have, draw it.

A verbal description of a circuit is difficult to visualise and can be open to interpretation. A schematic is much more clear and easier to understand.
Theory articles / Re: voltage multiplier
« Last post by Hero999 on April 26, 2015, 04:04:51 AM »
That's nice.

What are you trying to do? Are you talking about a series resonant LC circuit which multiplies the input voltage?
Theory articles / Re: voltage multiplier
« Last post by KevinIV on April 25, 2015, 10:30:07 PM »
Since I've posted so many equations. Try this one.

E = 1/2 CVV
E = 1/2 LII
i've already described the thyristor part, but if you're asking for the "separate circuit" no can do.
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Projects Q/A / Re: 0-30V Stabilized Power Supply
« Last post by theViTALiTY on April 24, 2015, 05:19:50 PM »

Since there are a lot of revisions of this PSU, i kinda got lost a little bit, so i would appreciate if someone could tell me whats the latest version of this PSU thats fully operational.

Oh, and yeah, ive got a 120VA 24VAC transformer if it means anything, cus i saw some of the newer schematics use 28VAC one.

Please post a schematic.
tried a simpler setup, 16V, thyristor, 1K ohm and LED in series. the gate voltage is simply from a voltage divider over the 16V supply. even at 40mV input, it turns on perfectly... hmm... wonder what's wrong with the separate circuit...
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