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E/O Media Converter
« on: January 15, 2013, 01:48:30 AM »
Hello all

I am using two Blackbox media convertors in a pair (Ethernet to optical and vice versa) in order to send 100Mbps ethernet (TCP/IP) data on single mode (SM) optical fibre pair using 1310 wavelengths. The specifications of media converter says that ethernet data can be sent over 10Km SM optical fibre. Great.

My problem is that i have 06 no of connectors (having SM optical contacts with insertion loss <0.6dB per connector ) b/w the two media converter modules. Considering the insertion losses of 6 connectors, i need to calculate theoretically the effective length (in Km) of fibre optic overwhich which i can send ethernet data (100 Mbps) safely.

Is there any formula or some relation b/w fibre optic length & loss which can help me?


Best Regards