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Trigger "Normalizer"

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Trigger "Normalizer"
« on: February 07, 2013, 11:36:46 PM »
Hi folks!

I've recently made drum triggers using piezo conductors and RCA female jacks and they work great with my drum brain (the module converting the electrical signal from piezos to wave sounds)!

But, I play in a Technical Death metal band and I need triggers that will always reproduce the same sound with the same power... My drum brain is able to produce louder or quieter sounds following my hit strenght...

What I would like to do is, a passive prefered, little circuit that will always produce the same electrical strenght, between the drum brain and the piezo conductor, so all the hits on my pads would be equal. I'm not new but no used to electronics but I own a soldering iron and I used it several times.

Any idea? Thanks!